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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 64: Turn 9 - Soviet Detraining Phase: Success and Failure

Turn 9: September/October 1942

1st Baltic, 2nd Tank, Don Front vs Smolensk
Combat odds: 16/3 = 5:1, shifted -1 for City for a total of 4:1
Roll: 3 - DR

Operation Perun 2 ends in a success as the powerful Soviet force rolls over the weakened German garrisons in Smolensk. The enemy withdraw in an orderly manner, however, but the damage is done: the gateway to Moscow is finally closed, seemingly once and for all. German VPs now at 20.

For finally pushing the fascist hordes away from the heart of Russia, General-mayor The Sandman is awarded the Moscow Defenders' Medal (designed by the magnificent Hipster Rooster). Wear it with pride, comrade.

1st Byelorussian, 3rd Baltic, 3rd Byelorussian, Northwest Front vs 1st Panzer, 2nd Panzer
Combat odds: 25/12 = 2:1, shifted +1 for Shock Front for a total of 3:1
Roll: 1 - CB

However, further south, the Soviet attacks meet little success. Although the encirclement of the Axis tanks holds, it appears that the 1st Byelorussian has expended too much of its limited artillery assets and the lines around Voronezh suffer for it. However, they have also secured several critical bridgeheads across the Don - simply leaving them there would spell disaster for the Panzer forces.

4th Tank vs 3rd Panzer, 17th Army
Combat odds: 5/10 = 1:2, no shifts
Roll: 3 - CA

CA not accepted ().

The Germans manage to get the upper hand in the fight against the 4th Tank Army, but for unclear reasons do not press that advantage, preferring to let the matter lie instead.

N. Caucasus Front, Voronezh Front vs 6th Army
Combat odds: 7/3 = 2:1, no shifts
Roll: 2 - CB

The 6th Army is faced with a dangerous Soviet offensive as well, but Operation Son of Veles is a disgraceful failure. Not only does it fail to achieve any of its objectives, but it also leaves the Germans with a chance at a counter-attack. How the situation develops, however, is another matter.

The failures in the south are enough to allow some factions in the Party to convince Comrade Stalin that perhaps in this new period of the war some more offensive spirit will be required. After all, the first successes are already there, haven't the enemy been pushed out of Smolensk? But those who defended the Motherland seemingly cannot mount a successful offensive on a large scale. It's obviously time for some change.

Every Soviet commander from sector command up has to post which post they would like to have and which they would want to avoid at any cost. They will then be reassigned based on a bunch of factors, including, but not limited to punctuality, competence, entertainment factor, what I think will be best for the thread and a random factor.

Remember, attaching Cool Stuff to your application will work in your favour and might land you the dream post!

Fluff-only commanders who would like some actual command responsibilities can also take part in the raffle, as can anyone else who'd like to sign up to the Red Army now (as an aside, please make sure that's really, really what you want, there's more than enough of them, while the Axis can definitely use a helping hand or three).

Soviet Removals Phase
Disorganised Marker removed from 4th Tank.

Fangz may now detrain his Strategic Reserve per the normal detraining rules (within three hexes of a friendly overland-supplied City, not in an EZOC, unless detrains to a City hex). The deadline for this is Friday, March 21, 8 PM GMT.

Also, Axis have three cards in hand, so I need one discard from Logicone.