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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 67: Turn 10 - Axis Combat Phase: Mistakes Are Made

Turn 10: November/December 1942

In the north, the Axis forces loosen their iron grip on Leningrad and push south to shore up their line. The Hungarians are completely pulled back from the front to be released elsewhere.

Around Smolensk, the Germans reassemble their troops in order to better contain a potential Soviet offensive action. The Rumanians are repositioned so as to better protect the supply line.

More movement takes place as the Germans spread out near Kharkov, hoping that a move against the Soviets from more dispersed positions will more easily shift them from their reinforced positions.

The 2nd Army in the Crimea wraps up its operations in the peninsula and performs a retreat further north.

The Luftwaffe ground forces are also added to the reserves, although transporting them around does cut into the German resource base.

The Axis discard Panzerblitz! to make it happen.

I need Target Hexes from Logicone. Once I have those, The Sandman may discard cards from the Soviet hand to place Counterblows. Afterwards, Logicone and The Sandman may commit cards and Blitz!/Shock! markers to specific battles (Logicone first), while German Army Group and Soviet sector commanders may post their advances, retreats, EXs, CBs, CAs and so on.

The deadline for all this is Friday, April 11, 6 PM GMT. Good luck, commanders.

Oh, and you might have noticed it says The Sandman instead of Fangz. That is intentional.

Here's the new Soviet roster:

Stavka chief: General-leytenant The Sandman, the Defender of Moscow!
Leningrad sector commander: General-mayor Spookydonut, the Defender of Leningrad!
Moscow sector commander: cokerpilot, strong like the mountains of Crimea!
Stalino sector commander: Fangz, the Master Commander!
Crimean sector commander: C.., the Mystery Leader!