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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 68: Turn 10 - Axis Detraining Phase: Breakout on the Donets

Turn 10: November/December 1942
After which one of the sides is going to completely lose its shit. Both sides, maybe.

3rd Panzer, 17th Army vs 4th Tank Army
Odds: 10/5 = 2:1, shifted -1 for Snow, +1 for Blitz! for a total of 2:1
Roll: 4 - EX
17th Army takes a step loss.
4th Tank takes a step loss and is eliminated. It goes to the Destroyed Units Box.

The Germans attempt to dislodge the armoured spearhead of Veles, hoping to reopen the Soviet encirclement this way. However, the horrible weather disrupts their advance, while the T-34s of 4th Tank Army refuse to give up any ground. In the end, the Soviet armour is forced to cede the field with horrific losses, but their sacrifice is not in vain: the 3rd Panzer cannot advance towards its beleaguered counterparts. The fate of the soldiers in the pocket is now in their own hands, and they only hold on by the skin of their teeth.

1st Panzer, 2nd Panzer, 11th Army vs 3rd Baltic
Odds: 15/7 = 2:1, shifted -1 for Snow for a total of 3:2
Roll: 6 - DR

Von Manstein sets up a cunning series of ambushes and tactical withdrawals against the Soviet encroachments into the pocket. This not only buys the defenders more time, but also gives the tank crews a nearly free hand in their desperate bid for a way out. A furious assault, using up whatever fuel the Germans have left, manages to pierce through the Soviet line. The atmosphere is jubilant as the spearheads of 11th Army link up with the German push outside, delivering the much-needed fuel and munitions. But the joy is short-lived: the Soviets are still strong, and although news from the north indicate that Kharkov is safe for the time being, the German forces near it definitely aren't.

4th Panzer, 16th Army, 18th Army vs Central Front
Odds: 11/5 = 2:1, shifted -1 for Swamp, -1 for Snow for a total of 1:1
Roll: 3 - no effect

Generalmajor HerpicleOmnicron5 orders an attack against the Soviet Central Front in hopes of extending the enemy line a bit further, but this proves to be ineffective. Army-level commanders are unanimous, if tacit in their distrust of their superior's abilities and judgement and attack half-heartedly, quickly withdrawing to their starting positions in the face of any hardened resistance.

9th Army, 4th Army vs Don Front
Odds: 6/4 = 3:2, shifted -1 for Snow for a total of 1:1
Roll: 1 - CA!

CA accepted at 1:2 odds
Roll: 1 - CA!

CA accepted at 1:1 odds
Roll: 1 - CA!

CA accepted at 1:2 odds
Roll: 1 - CA!

CA accepted at 1:1 odds
Roll: 2 - CA!

CA accepted at 1:2 odds
Roll: 4 - no effect.

The Germans attempt to strike back against the Soviet operations out of Smolensk, but this proves to be unwise. In a series of daring manoeuvres, both sides strike against one another time after time, slowly syphoning their strength and resources, but always retreating in the face of a countering move. Eventually, the fighting dies down without any significant losses on either side - in land as well as men.

German Detraining Phase

Logicone may now place any number of units from the Rail Movement Box on the main board. They have to be placed either in a friendly-controlled City hex or within three hexes of one. If not placed in a friendly City hex, they cannot be placed in an EZOC, in an enemy-controlled City or adjacent to an enemy-controlled City.

The deadline for this is Monday, April 14, 7 PM GMT.