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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 79: Turn 11 - Soviet Movement Phase

As the Germans prepare to reorganise their war economy, the effects of the resistance groups' work finally begin to show. After years of sabotaging the factories with slow work or deliberately shoddy manufacturing, the underground has made its impact noticeable. This throws a giant spanner into the Axis works.

I don't know of any actual statistics indicating just how much the unwillingness of the conquered populations to work well for the Germans impacted their production statistics. It could have be a serious thing, it could have be very minor. In any case, there were definitely occasions where the bullets, torpedoes and bombs left the factories with major defects. The photo below shows one of the many emblems this form of resistance took on in occupied Europe: the turtle, painted on the walls in Poland, standing for "Pole, work slowly".

Sensing an opening, the Soviets order the divisions manning the trenches and fortifications of major strongholds equipped with supplies and logistic elements to move out. Soon, the Leningrad and Sevastopol units are ready to go.

The Northwest Front receives a new table of equipment, as well as being renamed the 2nd Baltic Front. This new formation is a powerful asset in the southern theatre of operations.

More units are reorganised along the central part of the front after the heavy losses of the last months.

I need movement orders from Fangz, Spookydonut, cokerpilot and C... The deadline for these is Thursday, May 29, 6 PM GMT. Good luck, commanders.