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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 80: Turn 11 - Soviet Combat Phase: Payback

The volunteers of Leningrad are marched west, securing the isthmus north of Lake Peipus. This allows them to open up a new avenue of advance towards the Baltic Soviet Republics.

A large-scale advance takes place further south as well, with the Soviet offensive grinding towards Riga and Minsk. Outnumbered and outgunned as they are, the defenders are unlikely to hold - but with the weather being what it is, their opponents may not be able to take full advantage of the situation.

The Red Army also threatens the positions of Army Group Centre yet again, seeking to end the struggle for Smolensk - and perhaps even knock out yet another large enemy force.

A large push brings the red wave closer to Kharkov. Its defenders brace for the enemy offensive.

Sevastopol's defenders also leave their city and head north, establishing a firm foothold across the isthmus and threatening the enemy supply lines crossing Dnepropetrovsk.

The Soviets have assembled a powerful force in reserve, eager to exploit any breakthroughs their comrades may make.

For the time being, the Axis will be reorganised as follows:

- Tekopo for OKH chief, as he was the only nominee other than Herpicle, and I'd like to avoid having anyone hold the same position more than once;
- sniper4625 for AGN commander, seeing as he was the only one to ask for it,
- Davin Valkri for AGC commander, since we may as well let Herp get his way for once,
- Omobono for AGS commander, because nobody applied and I flipped a coin and it was him rather than Herpicle.

Herpicle is relegated to commanding the 1st Panzer Army, while MithosKuu stays with the Luftwaffe Ground Forces.

This is a temporary arrangement. I know that Tekopo has had some issues with the doc and that Omobono would rather not get an actual command, so if you can make alternative arrangements (which will involve Herpicle, since he's all that's left), that would be okay, but let me know ASAP.

I need The Sandman to place up to five Target markers in hexes the Soviets will voluntarily attack this turn. After that is done, the OKH chief may declare Counterblows. Once we have a full list of battles for the turn, The Sandman will declare in what order they are to be resolved and may commit cards and Shock! markers to them. The OKH chief may then commit his cards in response. Meanwhile, the German Army Group commanders and Soviet sector commanders can post their preferred retreat destinations, advance paths, and which units they'd prefer to take an EX or CB result, as well as whether or not they would accept a counter-attack.

The deadline for all this is Monday, June 2, 7 PM GMT. Good luck, commanders.