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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 83: Turn 12 - Axis Movement Phase: SS Panzer Arrives

The 2nd Hungarian is reorganised and shipped to Koenigsberg. There it meets up with the newly-rebuilt 17th Army to form a strong force, capable of aiding the defence of the northern part of line.

A fearsome Panzer force made up of crack divisions with extensive support is assembled in Lublin. This powerful force is sure to have an impact on whatever part of the front it ends up fighting in - but from its current location it will take some time to march towards the enemy.

The Luftwaffe forces recover in Odessa after being decimated and scattered last month.

Finally, the veteran core and ad-hoc units positioned near Dnepropetrovsk are reorganised and supplied with sufficient new equipment and forces to form a strong fighting force. They are redesignated the 2nd Army.

The Kampfgruppe 1 returns to the Turn Track. It will arrive on Turn 14.

I need movement orders from sniper4652, Davin Valkri and Omobono. The deadline for those is Monday, June 9, 7 PM GMT.