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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 84: Turn 12 - Axis Combat Phase: Firefighting

The Axis forces in the north scramble to contain the Soviet breakout from the Baltic republics. They are depleted and exhausted, but still capable of putting up a serious resistance. The question is if that will be enough to hold the powerful Soviet war machine in its tracks.

Near Smolensk, they withdraw towards the more defensible positions west of the Dneper. It remains to be seen how effective this manoeuvre will be in holding back the red tide.

The line is also pulled back around Kharkov and Stalino, leaving the former city essentially defenceless against the approaching Soviets. Recovering forces from Odessa are moved in to contain the Red Army breakout from the Crimea.

The SS Panzer, meanwhile, slowly rolls towards the front line, hindered by awful weather. But soon it will reach the fighting - and we'll see just how much of an impact it will have.

The 1st Panzer, having been withdrawn from Kharkov, is now placed in reserve in anticipation of new deployments.

I need up to 5 Target Hexes from Tekopo. Once he posts those, The Sandman may discard cards to place Counterblows. After both Target and Counterblow hexes are listed and we have a full list of battles for the turn, Tekopo may commit cards to specific battles, followed by The Sandman doing the same. Meanwhile, Army Group commanders post which units take part in which battles and where would they advance in case of a success (or retreat, if there is a possibility of a CA result), and Sector commanders post their preferred retreat destinations (and, if there is a chance of a CA, whether or not they would accept it and where would they advance to, given the chance). The deadline for all this is Friday, June 13, 7 PM GMT.

Remember about the operation names.

I'm sorry about how bare-bones this is, but I'm really behind on stuff that needs doing. I'll try and make it up with the next update.