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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 85: Turn 12 - Axis Detraining Phase: Stalin's Interference

News come in from the West that the Americans and British are gearing up for another offensive against Rommel's remnants in Tunisia. In a secret telegram, they inform Stalin that they intend to push the Axis out as quickly as possible and are already planning to open a second font against the Germans in Italy. However, in response, Stalin assures them there is no need to hurry and that the operation must be impeccably planned and executed. This convinces Roosevelt, who opts to preserve American lives rather than to rush headfirst into danger, but to Churchill (and the German code-crackers listening in on the exchange) one thing becomes clear: Stalin is no longer planning to win this war. He's already thinking about the next one.

Operation Cardigan: 2nd Army, 6th Army vs Crimean Front
Combat odds: 7/3 = 2:1, no shifts
Roll: 6 - DS

The Axis forces in the south move to start clearing out the Soviet breakout from the Crimea. They successfully shatter one of the main forces operating out of the breakout and manage to seriously contain the Soviet armour within the area. It remains to be seen what happens next, as the Soviets may opt to resume their relentless advance even in the wake of this defeat.

Axis Removals Phase
Disorganised markers removed from Luftwaffe and 17th Army.

Axis Detraining Phase

Tekopo and The Sandman may now both detrain their units (1st Panzer [5-6] on the Axis side, 1st Byelorussian [Shock, 8-2] on the Soviet side - if need be, the onus is on the Axis to go first). The units must either be placed in a friendly City hex which can trace a supply path or within three hexes of such a City. In the latter case, the units may not be placed in EZOCs, enemy Cities, or adjacent to enemy Cities. The deadline for this is Monday, June 16, 7 PM GMT.