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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 86: Turn 12 - Soviet Org Phase

Axis Detraining Phase
Turn 12 - March/April 1943

Both sides ship additional forces into Belarus, with the German Panzers taking up residence in the woods east of the Pripyat marshes and the Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front moving east of Riga. The confrontation looms.

The Soviets have 1 card in hand, so no need to discard. They draw 4 cards. Their first card is General Winter, which is immediately played. The next turn does not have variable weather, so it has no effect. The Soviets draw a replacement and then finish drawing.

Everything is in order on both sides of the front.

The Soviets may now Upgrade any one of their units that can trace an Overland Supply Path. They may also pay cards to flip their Regional Infantry units to their Fortress side (1 discard per unit).

The Soviets have received a new unit, the Kursk front. It has to be placed in any of their Cities in the USSR that can trace an Overland Supply Path.

They may also pay cards to bring any number of their units back from the Destroyed Units Box onto the main board. These units have to be placed in any Soviet-controlled City hex in the USSR. One of them may also be placed on the Ostatky 1 unit, destroying the Cadre, but arriving without the Disorganised marker.

Finally, they may pay cards to remove Disorganised markers from newly-placed units.

I need discards and placements from The Sandman. The deadline for these is Friday, June 20, 7 PM GMT.