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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 95: Turn 13 - Soviet Movement Phase: The Aftershock

"Comrade Stalin, we are now prepared to unleash the 4th Ukrainian and 2nd Byelorussian Fronts on the enemy."
"I like the first name. The second one, though? Something is off with it."
"What is it, Comrade?"
"Not confusing enough. Name it Shock Front."

The Shock Front works identically to the 1st Byelorussian. The only real difference is the numbers on the counter. When the two of them attack together, their bonus shifts do not stack.

The 2nd Tank is reformed with the aid of veteran officer corps and soldiers who survived the destruction of several Red Army formations. Thanks to their efforts, the Army is ready to take to field nearly immediately.

I didn't screenshot it, but this army replaces the Ostatky 1. The Ostatky go back to the Turn Track and will become available again next turn.

The Voronezh Front is reconstituted in the far south, near the Crimea. It is not ready for offensive operations just yet, but it can safeguard the southern section of the Front just fine.

I need movement orders from cokerpilot, Spookydonut, MonotoneMorgan and C... The deadline for these is Friday, August 1, 7 PM GMT. Good luck.

Fangz, please post the final sector commands arrangements in the thread when you have a moment.