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Part 14: The Saul Nystalux Memorial Stadium

We're very close to the end now. By tomorrow night, this strange and terrible journey will finally come to a close. Will Kent and co manage to achieve their goals? Let's find out!

Last update, the little rebel group that occasionally could managed to fire a rocket at the Ordinary Outpost, destroying the comically-named Pollutotron and clearing the skies of the murky green clouds it produced.

So what now? I guess we need to get Brian to compose another anthem of triumph and loss. Presumably Dai is the loss, since he seemingly vanished at the end of the last update.

Oh no, wait, there he is again. This script is tight as fuck. Everyone just kind of stands around, not sure what to do next, until Saul has a revelation.

Everyone! I remember what I couldn't! I have a backup of my mind in my labs. It will be somewhere under the stadium. Someone must go and get it. Restore me back to my original condition, and I could be a great help!
So you want me to fetch this brain backup device of yours, eh Saul?
That's right Kent. You swim along now.
I knew you would say that.

Either Saul's sanity held out for precisely the length it needed to before fading, or Kent just got told to jump in that green sludgy river. Heather, on the other hand, realises that the best way to take advantage of Kent's destructive talents is to pay him cheap compliments.

You're my hero, Kent! Would you do that? We will all be there at the stadium. You'll recognise us because we will all be wearing disguises. Go, and good luck. We will see you there. We won't be able to talk to you, though.
Just get under the stadium, lad. I'm sure you'll find it.

Okay, so we can scratch out Saul's sanity fading. He just doesn't like Kent, I think. Hard to blame him. I like how Heather scrambles for an excuse to not speak with Kent once they arrive. Of course, she's completely lying, as every member of the resistance will speak to you upon your arrival at the stadium. Assuming we are able to see through their masterful disguises.

Heather might even disguise herself by wearing a long coat or something.

Oh, could you take Brian's guitar with you? He made it himself. He needs it smuggled on to the stage from beneath.
Anything else? You want me to take a few pictures? Show a few kids around?

I can't even blame Kent for being petulant here. At this point the entire group has just resigned themselves to sitting around doing nothing while Kent blunders from one disaster to another.

No, just take Brian's guitar, deliver it to the stage and get Saul's brain back for him. We can then confront Paul in front of all the population of the city. Let's see what he makes of that!

Wait, that's your plan? You're going to end up arrested. It's already been established that the mood syphoning gizmos are still working. Yes, the sun is out, but as far as the citizens know that's completely abnormal. Then you want a bunch of geeky terrorists to show up, confront Paul during his own ceremony, and play some rock music? This is actually your worst plan to date, and that's saying something. Yes, even worse than the time you sent your fugutive operative to scout out a maximum security prison. All of us, we're all dead. You realise that, right?

Oh, I give up. Let's just do get this awful plan over with. Welcome to the Saul Nystalux Memorial Stadium! If it doesn't look much like a stadium to you, and rather a featureless building, that's because it is!

Nice posters on the way back out here. Saul has a beard that could impale a diamond.

There's a newspaper just scattered on the ground here.

Apparently our antics have had some effect. Whether it was destroying the Mood Filter, or destroying the mall, or any of our other countless acts of destruction, somehow we've inspired over 10,000 people to act out.

My guess? The Mood Filter backfired and the citizens of Neutropolis received Kent's thoughts rather than the other way around. They're all wandering around whistling Deluge tracks and destroying furniture. Instances of Sharkpoon creations have risen by the thousands!

There's a carving up here, as well as an attached sign.

"Welcome, citizens of Neutropolis, to a gathering to commemorate the death of brother Saul, and to reassure one and all against the continued revolutionary threat". There's a sign tacked on... "A few tickets still available."

Walking near these guards causes Kent to wimp out a bit. You've been a fugitive for the last ten updates, man. While standing here, however, Kent overhears the guard's conversation.

...Look, you lost your goggles. You should go down there wearing mine, as a punishment.
I don't like it in places like that. It's way too dark. There might be dangerously different citizens lurking in the shadows. There could be thousands!
Yeah, since the Sun came out the mood in the city has been very different.

What, you mean all of thirty minutes ago? I mean, it's not like we would have wasted any time coming here. "What's that, Saul? Your brain is backed up? Well we're a bit busy cleaning out the fridge this weekend but we can squeeze it in next friday."

So we are both agreed? We just stay here and make sure no one goes down or comes up the hole?

Every time you walk near the Norms you get the same conversation. It's finally, finally at this point in the game that I realise you can skip through conversations by pushing the "." button. I wish I'd known that earlier!

So these Norms don't like the dark, hey? Kent decides to mess around with this bunch of switches, confident his cursed touch will blow out the circuits immediately.

I wonder what these do? Ouch! That's live!

Sure enough, Kent fries the circuits...

...and the two Norm guards stream out of the hallway like frightened children.

We could dive down into the sewer at this point, but let's check out the stadium, while we're here.

Oh God, hahaha. So there is nobody here. Just our idiotic crew in their "disguises". We are so fucking arrested.

Those two guards have just taken up residence on the stage now. "Hey Paul. Why are we here? Well, the lights got turned off where you told us to guard so we thought we'd guard somewhere else. Hope you don't mind!"

More Friends of Paul. His elite bodyguards I bet. I'll stay so I don't get arrested.

Those are the elite bodyguards? I'd hate to see how pathetic the normal bodyguards are in this place!

This crate must contain state-of-the-art equipment for Paul's Special Guard. He seems to have stepped up security today. I figure he's a little jittery.

Well, you guys did just launch a rocket at his outpost, so I guess he would be. I have to give the group some credit, for a bunch of misfits they have actually managed to achieve something.

These must be the goggles those Norm guys were talking about losing.

A pair of sophisticated lo-lite goggles.

These will be handy underground! Kent pockets them. Of course, even by this point of the game, he still pretends that he's not really stealing them.

OK, I've... er, borrowed them.

Christ almighty. That is one pack of complete losers. And what happened to the disguises, guys?!

Okay, so Dai and Brian are wearing fake beards or something but that seems to be about it. Kent decides to completely break their cover, not that they had any since they're the only people in the entire stadium, all bunched together in one place. Fucking idiots.

Hi Brian. Are you nervous or worried? This could be your big break after all.
If you've so much as scratched my guitar you're in for a very big break, Kent! Now get lost.

Yeah, yeah. Kent ignores Brian's dismissal and keeps asking questions.

How do I get into the lab?
I've got more important things to worry about, like the chorus in this song I'm about to play.

Don't worry about the chorus, man. Just give them the LIGHTNING ROD! They'll dig that shit!

How do I get onto the stage?
I don't know, but I'll be there when you work it out.
Thanks for your help.
It's OK, Kent, but don't take it for granted.

That really wasn't much help at all. Perhaps Dai has something more useful to say? After all, at least he bothered to wear a proper disguise. Unfortunately, he disguised himself as a fucking pirate. A pirate in a yellow raincoat with triangular patches around the buttons.

Dai, it's good to see you up and about enjoying life.
It was only a scratch, Son. You've got to expect that sort of thing in our line of work. I'm proud of you, boy.

"Only a scratch"? You copped a bullet square in the damn chest. I'm glad to hear Kent's ability to tie together a horrible raft and flood a truck with gas has impressed him, though!

How do I get into the lab?
I could tell you how to get onto the roof of almost every building in this city, Son, but when it comes to depths, you're asking the wrong man.

Yeah, speaking of, how the hell did you get on top of the Ordinary Outpost? I still don't get that.

How do I get onto the stage?
Well, my cousin Loola got friendly with a producer type. Ever thought about that route? Good lookin' fella like yourself shouldn't have too much trouble.

You must have two eyepatches on, Dai.

Thanks for your help.
Have I helped? Say, there might be life in the old dog yet!

No, Dai. Kent was just humouring you. You haven't helped at all. And I don't mean just now, I mean during the course of the entire game. The only useful thing you've done so far has been to get shot and distract attention away from us. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you.

Norm 2782 also has some kind of horrible fake beard, and some ridiculous shades. He didn't bother to actually put any clothes on though. Come on man, in public and all?

Also, he has his high pitched voice back. Clearly our last conversation with him was some kind of bug.

Norm, how's your day been? Still pleased with your newfound world view?
I certainly am, Son. I feel fine. I'm just looking forward to the turn. This is the first festival I've been to.

Kent gives him the two canned questions.

How do I get into the lab?
Probably behind a secret wall or in a wardrobe or something, eh? Bound to be, that's where I'd put it. Can you see my tan developing?
How do I get onto the stage?
That elevator in the centre of the stage might do the trick.

Of course, Norm 2782's advice is the most useful of all that given by the other members of the rebel group. What he lacks in clothes, he makes up for in good guesses!

Thanks for your help.
No problem, and if there's anything, you know, you want to talk about, come and see your Uncle Norm.

That's kind of creepy. It's not helped by his voice actor, who voices the above line as "Hey, no problem, and if there's anything, you know, you ever, you know, kinda like wanna, you know, talk about, come and see your Uncle Norm." There's artistic license and then there's being a tool.

Blessedly, Heather forgoes the fake beard for a horrible, ill-fitting peroxide blonde wig. Kent engages mack-mode.

Hello Heather, you really should consider going blonde permanently.
Thanks, Kent. It's not a good idea to be seen with your right now. We're so close.

"Also, we shouldn't be seen together at any point in the future. Just to be safe, you know. Now run along and do my errands for me." Kent goes through the standard conversation.

How do I get into the lab?
Saul will know more about that than me. Try not to look suspicious, Kent.
How do I get onto the stage?
At a guess I would say that elevator set in the middle of the stage links up with the sewer system somewhere
Thanks for your help.
Try to hurry, Kent, the suspense is irritating.

Hahaha, irritating. I guess she's an authority.

Finally, Saul stands at the back, having disguised himself by wearing a tophat and sunglasses. Of course he didn't bother to remove his prison jumpsuit or anything like that. Nor did he bother to disguise his face, which is emblazened on huge posters all around this stadium and the roads leading up to it. You can't see it in the screenshot but he's bopping all over the place, waving his arms around and twitching like mad.

Whoa, not looking too good there Saul. You OK?
I'm fading fast, Kent. Hurry and get the concert started, then we'll attend to my problem.
How do I get into the lab?
There must be a secret wall, Kent. Find where the strangeness converges, that's where I'll be...
How do I get onto the stage?
I seem to recall an elevator but that might have been elsewhere. It's all gone a little pear-shaped, my old cauliflower. Sorry! Please hurry and find my mind for me.

Saul's voice actor adds in "Like Gladys from school, she was a bit pear-shaped" before the apology, haha.

Thanks for your help.
I'm doing my best, Son.

Kent spies a strange, pulsating device atop the stadium.

You can see these things from all over the city. What are they?

I hope you weren't holding out for an answer, because there won't be one forthcoming! Thanks for the dangling plot thread, Kent!

Okay, we're getting nowhere here. Kent heads back towards the sewer entrance...

...and down he goes. Things have gone full circle here in Normality. From his sewer-like apartment, to an actual sewer.

This place is dark as fuck, and pretty lengthy. It's at least as large an area as the Plush-Rest factory was.

I'd really rather not roam around here in darkness, so Kent puts on the low light goggles he stole... er, borrowed from the Norm guards.

Or not. Sigh. We'll need to find some batteries for them. I guess we could have just taken them back to the power station before Kent blew it up.

Kent wanders on in the dark for a while until he comes to an intersection.

One way has a gate with some bars that Kent reckons look pretty weak. Of course, a crawling baby is a more potent force than Kent, who completely fails to bend the rusty old bars.

They won't open. I might be able to lever them with something.

Actually, it is possible to open them now, but we'll come back for it later.

Kent continues down the sewers...

...and finds another filthy object to add to his collection!

There's a grill up ahead... or is that a grille?

Apparently there are some batteries lying just above the grill(e)! Convenient, but not convenient enough.

I can't reach them up there.

Restoring the convenience, however, is this hole in the wall that Kent inserts the brick into.

Yes, it fits that hole nicely. I think I've made a step!

You "think"? What do you mean, you think you've made a step? It's a Goddamn step, Kent. There is no "think" about it.

Kent clumsily climbs his step...

...and retrieves the batteries.

Finally, we can get some light in this miserable sewer.

Great! The power indicator has gone to the full mark!

That's better. Now we can enjoy the murky brown, muddy walls in their full glory!

Nearby, there's yet another gate that is looking a bit worse for wear.

Some rusty old bars. They don't look very sturdy.

Kent is still too much of a loser to bend the bars, so he checks his inventory. What does he have in here to help him?

This is beautiful. Sturdy and solid, well balanced. What a dedicated guy Brian is, he built this himself.

If you ask Kent to play the guitar, he says he's not sure where to blow. I disagree Kent, you're doing a masterful job of blowing, man.

This is an adventure game, so the solution to every puzzle is to cram inventory objects together. Kent decides to give it a try.

Guitar (0:41) - Kent uses the guitar to lever open the bars, which give way like they were made out of cotton candy, but still damage Brian's guitar. Further down the hallway, Kent comes across an unstable bricked-up wall and figures the guitar is already damaged, so he may as well finish the job by hammering down the wall as well. For those counting, that makes three (3) separate objects destroyed by Kent in less than a minute! That takes serious talent.

An elevator is found behind the bricked-off doors, presumably leading onto the stage. Of course, Kent is ridiculously useless and is too weak to actually open the elevator door.

The door moves a little, but I'm not quite strong enough to open it.

You're a real pleasure to work with, you know that Kent? You complete loser.

Further down the hallway, there is an alligator chained up inside a tiny hole in the wall. What the fuck is going on here? By this point I'm not even going to guess anymore. Kent is barely even surprised by it.

Er... Hello, Mr. Alligator. Take it easy.

The alligator serves no in-game purpose. He's just there to be Normality's latest non-sequitur.

Further down the sewer path, Kent comes across another bricked-over wall. His instinctive desire to break things shines through almost immediately.

I can't walk through it. It needs opening in some subtle way.

Kent is the master of subtlety.

We don't even get a cutscene this time. The wall just crumbles. It knows it's in the presence of a master. Kent finds a roof brace placed here, under a pile of rocks.

A rusty yet sturdy roof support.

Well, heaven knows Kent could use some support! Let's take it!

Roof Support (0:18) - Kent removes the obviously load-bearing roof brace, causing a cave-in which he somehow avoids getting crushed by. A crate from above, presumably near the stage, comes rolling down.

It's a crate from above. The fall hasn't damaged it though. It's still locked.

We'll find a way to open this later. In the mean time, a Norm from above is a bit concerned with the floor collapsing beneath his feet.

Citizen, if that's what you are, come out from down there! Underground activity is NOT tolerated in this city!
Your presence is required on terra firma, citizen! Hurry, or I'll call a reliable cement company!

Of course, that cave-in caused a chain reaction of cave-ins that completely blocked us off from actually leaving the sewers. So we're now stuck here. Will Kent be able to find Saul's secret lab? Will he be able to find the backup of Saul's brain? Will Brian murder him in his sleep for damaging the guitar? Tune in tomorrow for the final update of LP: Normality!