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Part 5: Zone 1 - Post Office Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to OFF. We've just found the correct floor for the postal service!

Music - Clockwork

Because no one else can find the postal service, it's completely abandoned.

...or not! As we head toward the staircase, this Elsen putters down.

His voice file doesn't sound very good, it's much higher pitched than usual, like he's frantically gasping. Unfortunately I couldn't find this sound file to add in, I think they might actually be dynamically pitch-shifting the original file. Special thanks to poster Vilkacis for helping me edit the effect into the sound file myself! Click the portraits to hear the creepy gasp.

: I'm the Batter. Where are the phantoms?

: ... I'm... I'm very afraid... ... Help me.

Burnt are Elsen who have been corrupted by phantoms. We have to kill them.

I'm so sorry, little buddy.

He disappears into nothingness, clearing the way for us to head upstairs.

Suspicious paper on the table there.

A weird piece of prose, but with numbers in it. "First version: They are six feet under..."

I'm going to write down the numbers, because they're probably relevent to a puzzle later.

Ah man, lemurs.

Tiburces are a pain in my fuckin' nuts. Their attack drains your CP, slowing down fights tremendously. If they show up in a group attack, knock them out immediately.

Oh, excellent. Awaited Embrace is a fairly powerful physical attack, but it also inflicts poison damage. This becomes super useful late game.

More numbers. "Second version: They are eight..." I write 'em down.

Taking the left stairs puts us in this inaccessible area on the previous floor. We just bought one of these for Alpha, but I guess we can resell this second one.

We head back up and take the center staircase by the second note.

More notes, more notes.

The second to last note is up the stairs to the right, so I'm going to grab that first.

You can see our destination to the left there. All that remains is to cross back to the stairs on the left on the previous floor.

: Did... Did I say secret?

We've gotta pass! This building is so full of ghosts and unpure spirits, we have to fix this for our friends.

: Ah? Uh... Really? No, uh... I think that's... uh... impossible...

A code, huh? Well we have been writing down a lot of numbers on the way here.

: The... The code, it... it is exactly correct...

: ... Ho- ...How...?

: You... You must not pass! I don't want to die!

Aw man. We have to kill him. And we do.

: ... It will be nice.


Let's take the secret elevator up then.

Music - Rainy Day (Indoor Mix)

The director?

: It's you, you're the source of all my troubles! The ectoplasmic lord who's been eyeing my beloved zone! What do you want? Why've you decided to be a pain in the ass?

: I've dedicated my whole life to this place! You've got no right to ruin it with your damn ghosts! SHOVE OFF!!

: You're mistaken. I'm not a phantom. I'm a purifier. I've come to purge the world of those ectoplasmic beings.

: How dare you respond? And how dare you imagine that I'd just put up with this shit... Listen good. I'll make this simple. Get outta here and take your goddamn specters with you, or I'm gonna kill you. I hope that's clear enough for ya.

: If I see you again... You're dead..

I think I know where we're heading next.

Haha yeah right! We're back in Damien, the first area, once again. I forgot something!

Remember this room with the first yellow save cube? The path to the north used to be blocked. It's open now!

Music - Soft Breeze

This is actually a special treasure area that can be easily missed!

The lamps aren't working, so everything goes dark.

Down each hallway we'll find a treasure chest, but they're each guarded by a phantom.

You might notice my health is a bit higher here. I actually forgot about this area until literally the last possible second in zone 1. This was recorded at a little bit of a later level. Apologies for that, but the treasure is good enough I didn't want to miss it with our main save game.

We get six special orbs in this area! Each one is guarded by a group of one-eyed phantoms. The Virgo-orb permanently increases a character's agility stat by 5. I give this to the Batter since him being fast as shit is great.

Capricorn increases Espirit stat by 5. I'm not sure what Esprit does, but I'm pretty sure it's tied to Competence. I feed this one to Alpha, since he gains some insane Competence shit later.

Scorpio increases Attack stat by 5. This goes to the Batter, whose physical attacks are really important.

Gemini increases Defense stat by 5. This also goes to the Batter.

The Libra-orb increases a character's max CP by 15. Alpha gets this.

And finally, the Taurus-orb increases a character's max health by 50. The final orb goes to the Batter.

These sets of star sign orbs are pretty rare, so it's best to take the extra effort to find them. With all the treasure collected, let's wrap up for today!

Next time: let's actually go to Alma.