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Part 6: Zone 1 - Alma

Hello and welcome back to OFF! Last time we solved the mystery of the extremely spooky post office. There was a big jerk inside causing ghosts to show up. I hate that guy.

Music - Rainy Day (and meat)


For once I'm not going to transcribe the Judge's conversation. He takes about 60,000 words to advise us on the fact that one group of receptionists all speak the same number. Sorry mister kitty, we already solved this puzzle!

Let's head over to the tram station and get a move on!

Did you see him go by here? Any chance you tripped him so he'd fall on the rails? No? Okay.

Well, let's go see what makes Alma so great.

Music - Rainy Day (Indoor Mix)

Before we can enter Alma proper we have to pass through this little gatehouse. There are three posters on the wall there, let's check em out.

Oh! These images are enormous in game so the player can slowly scroll over them and write down the details. Here they are in the order you see them in:

There are a great deal of details written on these posters, so rather than writing it down I took photos with my phone to reference later.

: Unless... Unless they answer some questions...

Oh! Well, those posters are going to be relevant much sooner than anticipated, then!

We're ready. We've got iPhone-powered cheating technology.

: 1. The second one came from (de) Jerusalem and...

Question 1 is referring to the text at the bottom of the first poster. The first two names are listed as de Jerusalem, and the third as d'Orta. The questions are specifically designed to be a bit confusing or to look like they have multiple answers.

: 2. The Holy Trinity (La sainte trinite) is made up of...

The second poster, the one covered in all the 3s, has the word ROSES highlighted pretty prominently. Let's go with that.

: 3. Notre-Dame first appeared on the...

This answer is in the middle of the third poster. I'm simply going by the fact that the word "sixieme" is close to the word "Notre-Dame".

: 4. How many threes are there in June (Juin)?

This one's pretty obvious, just count the 3s on the second poster. Don't forget to include the big one!

This one is slightly tricky if you're not paying attention. It's referring only to the bolded names toward the bottom of each poster. The third poster has the name Jonas.

: But... Uh... There is one more question.

This question is kind of annoying since it's hard to tell if you're supposed to count the big 8 or not. (You are.)

: That's... That's correct...

: ...correct...

The poor Elsen. He was just doing his job, now we have to kill him.

Well, we passed the gatehouse quiz. Let's head into Alma proper, then.

Music - Rainy Day (Outdoor Mix)

We're instantly approached by an Elsen.

: I'm here to see Dedan.

: De... Dedan... Yes... Yes of course...

Please be sure to click the above images for detailed instructions for swimming and bottling at the meat fountains.

: Ma... Master Dedan has an office in the center of the fountains... But... but nobody has ever found it. Generally... speaking... Master Dedan seems to only appear when necessary...

: Well, uh... there. ... ... Who are you, anyways?

: I've come to liberate the world of malignance.

: Oh... Oh really? Uh... well then... Can you liberate me?

It seems like the closer to Dedan we get the more Burnt Elsen we encounter. I'm seriously going to beat the life out of that shrieking weirdo.

Yeah man, I think so.

He disappears into nothingness after saying this. Let's head north and look for Dedan.

Oh! Zacharie, hello!

You flippin' credit hound. Let's see what he's got.

A new weapon for Alpha, which we buy and equip.

As well as a new type of defensive equipment. Colour items go in the third defensive slot for all party members. We buy two because we've got credits to spare.

This blocked off area is looking like Dedan's office. Let's do some exploring and see how to unlock it.

Oh, hey buddy! What's that sign you're in front of there?

Oh no, he's got that crazy high-pitched gasp.

Poor little guy. Well, once we defeat him he disappears and unblocks that weird walking man sign he was in the way of.

Pedalo? What's a-


Music - Rainy Day (Meat Mix)

Pedalos are our main method of aquatic transportation in the world of OFF. They are adorable ducky buddies and I love them.

Also, remember back a week ago when Skippy Granola made that comment about kayaking through meat? Well. There you go. Enjoy the music. This version of Rainy Day only plays when you're riding a pedalo through the fountains.

As soon as we enter the next screen there are some numbers. Time once again to start writing them down in the handy dandy tropical notebook.

We see two more sets of numbers on this path, 3 8 and 4 2.

The Elsen in this shot is another Burnt. They're all Burnt in Alma. It's pretty bad.

The encounters in this area are all nearly identical. 3 enemies every time, one or two Burnt paired with one or two of those CP stealing lemur fuckers.

: Well, crap.

They all have the horrible high-pitched gasp like they're drowning.

: What's happening to me?

After we defeat that last guy and head to the right, you can pretty clearly see where we're going to need those numbers we've been collecting from the walls. Let's collect the rest and come back.

I'm sorry man I just really need that duck okay!!

: If I'm not working... Who is going to?

Riding a giant adorable duck makes me feel a little better, even if it is in a creepy squishy sea of meat.

Basically the instant we catch sight of this number, we're attacked!

Giant meat sea serpents! Don't people swim here??

Here's an enemy name I'm going to forget immediately. They take about two hits to take down.

Their main attack sounds a lot like a shitty 80s band.

There's our last number! We head down just a little further though because:

Treasure! We snag a Silver Flesh (ether) from this chest. Let's go back up north to that switch puzzle now!

Time to review my notes.

Excellent. This is another keypad puzzle, where the blocks sort of represent the keypad of a phone. When we enter the 9, however, the block only bounces and doesn't turn clear. This means the block needs to be pressed a second time. After entering the first six numbers, we press 9 once more, followed by the center button on the bottom to enter the full code.

Done! The buttons all turn clear, we've entered it correctly. Let's go back down to where Zacharie was to see if that door opened.

And it certainly did.

I have a feeling we're going to want to save now.

Next time: Dedan.