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Part 7: Zone 1 - Dedan

Hi and welcome back! Today we're going to ruin Dedan's shit.

Music - Flesh Maze Tango

Dedan's office building has a room with four exits. It's also full of random battles! As soon as we enter we're hit with one.

When we're attacked in this area the music never changes. It's always Flesh Maze Tango, though it does seem a bit louder.

Other than looking extremely creepy, the Arpagon's aren't much of a threat.

Furious Homerun is a physical competence for the Batter. It hits harder than his regular attack, and we'll be depending on it pretty heavily.

Okay so let's head north then! Why not.

We somehow come back out the northern door into a room with the Judge.

: You seem bewildered by the unique architecture of this place. If that is the case, you should learn to concentrate. In order to not be misled whilst choosing the opportunities offered at each corner of the maze, you had better remain and ponder a little while longer before crossing one of these trap doors next time, young drunkard.

Something about his phrasing gives me the shivers. Let's go out the southern door.

It plops us outside.

Welcome to Dedan's offices, aka the Flesh Maze. This is a lost woods type puzzle where all the rooms of the maze are identical and have impossible arcitecture.

Going through the incorrect doorway takes us back to the room with the Judge.

The correct doorway takes us to another identical set of passages. But how do you know which way to go?

If you watch the gif above you can see me pausing before each doorway before I go through. The song playing in the background, Flesh Maze Tango, plays much much louder when you approach a correct doorway.

It's not long before we reach the other side.

Music - No Music

A revive item and a final save point. This must be the place.

The hallway is very long. We have a great deal of time to think about our decision before reaching the door.

But in the end it's an easy decision to make.

We are here to purify. We have never been more sure of anything in our lives.

: By the Queen's thousand faces! Are you crazy? Are you just completely retarded?! What part of "I'm gonna kill you" didn't you understand?

: I'm here to eliminate you.

: You're insane. I'm the guardian of zone 1. It ain't nothing without me! What mental disorder got your blind faith to hide even the slightest bit of evidence from yourself?

: I'm the one who's going to purify the world. And you're the pest that eats away at this land. Prepare yourself.

BOSS MUSIC - Fake Orchestra

Nothing you can say will persuade us from our cause, Dedan. Nothing you can do will stop us.

There's no information for him. We don't need it.

Dedan's first attack is Hour Hand, which puts a target to sleep. He tries to hit the Batter but misses.

I spend the first half of the battle using Alpha in an attempt to poison Dedan, but it never seems to stick.

The Batter simply beats his face in with Furious Homerun.

Dedan's next attack is Minute Hand. This does around 80 damage and hurts a lot.

About midway through the battle we are taking a bruising. The sleep effect never lasts very long, so I wait it out rather than using an item to wake up Alpha.

Dedan has a third attack, called Sweep Hand, that also does around 80 - 100 damage. He hits like a total bastard.

Once Dedan reaches half health or lower he begans summoning a speech bubble. I'm actually not sure what this does because I kill it instantly every time he spawns it. After our last encounter with speech bubble enemies from the fat specters, I'm not taking any chances, especially not with the way he's knocking down our health.

Around this point I start gobbling up Silver Flesh to restore our CP. We're hitting him with everything we've got.

But then

The Batter raised his mighty bat

And with one final blow

Music - No Music

This card allows us to enter zone 2.


We did it.

The world fades to white.

Music - The Race of a Thousand Ants (Safe Mix)

Oh? Who is this?

The baby gives a sweet little cough when he speaks.

The world fades to black from here.

The Batter reappears on the world map. We've completed zone 1.

Next time we head to the great library of zone 2. I hope you'll join me then.