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by Panzer Skank

Part 15: Zone 3 - Sugar Factory

Hello and welcome back!

We've just arrived in Area 3. There's no sign of Zacharie around yet, so let's head outside.

Music - Burned Bodies

That sounds terrible.

In this area it seems to be snowing, or maybe it's ashes coming from these giant smokestacks.

One of them has a ladder! Let's head up, then, since there's no where else to go.

This is a long ass climb.

A really, really long climb.

But here it is! We've reached the top.

Music - Magic Pipe

Surprise! Welcome to the weirdest change in gameplay you've ever seen.

We can move the batter up down left and right as he falls down this pipe! Our aim is to gather 10 add-on rings while avoiding spectres.

It's pretty fun actually, if a little janky. The game is a bit finnicky about positioning the Batter exactly within the center of the ring to collect it.

Accidentally hitting a spectre, though, is bad.

3 hits isn't a lot of wiggle room and we're falling pretty fast.

There's not much time to react to the ghosts, and, well...

Man I was so flippin' close! Let's try again and own this thing.


Man we're so great! I can beat anything! We're gonna find Zacharie and fix all the Elsen and-

Music - Burned Bodies

... I, uh... Where are we?

: The... su... The... sug... The sugar..... ... in the tube.

He doesn't sound right. (His sound file is new.)

We... uh... let's go downstairs.

Holy shit.

: Where did you come from?

: I'm the Batter, and I jumped down the chimney.

: Ah.

: What is this place?

: ...

As with previous explanations of elements, the camera pans across a larger image. Please click the black and white images above to see the process of making sugar.

: Who's responsible for this?

: Are you... you bringing me sugar?

: No.

: The director is responsible. He... He's in Area 4.

: Okay.


I want to leave now.

Music - Yesterday Was Better

We fall out next to the monorail.

I don't like Area 3, I want to leave.


: Welcome, Panzer.

Music - Burned Bodies (Sweet Tooth Mix)

Music - Yesterday Was Better

: I must purify this zone's guardian.

: Ahaha, of course, of course. That's what I thought. I have an Access Card for the monorail.

: Let's hurry to Area 4 to meet that mysterious director.

We board the train with Zac. It's nice to have him here and acting a little goofy, it's reassuring.

Suddenly, the train screeches to a halt.

: It seems that there's a slight problem. So... weren't you about to take a look outside while I keep watch?

I guess I can do that. It might just be some boxes or something that I can move.

Music - Yesterday Was (even) Better

Hey fella, what are you doing out here?

: ... hhh ...

Oh my god.

This is a strange sort of mini-boss. He only has one attack, and it's to do this:

He screams, screams for help, endlessly. He can't even do damage to us. He just screams.

According to the game info, his attacks are skill debuffs. The effect is completely unnoticable. He just cries as we beat him mercilessly.

We're helping you the only way we can.

Forgive me.

I don't even know if he was sentient anymore.

Music - Yesterday Was Better

The Batter has no response, and slumps into his seat beside Zacharie. The rest of the ride is silent.

: Take care of yourself.

I hope you'll join me for the next update.