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Part 17: Zone 3 - Endless Hall Part 2

Hello, and welcome back. We're still in the endless halls.

Music - Endless Hallway

Before we go ask Zacharie about the music box, let's finish exploring the right-side corridors.

Much the same as the left side, to be honest.

Heading up this way we find one last unlocked door.

! Zacharie! What are you doing over here??

He's absolutely not interested in the music box we found right now. When he's wearing the frog mask, he is only a merchant and nothing more.

Zach man you are bleeding us fucking dry here. I get what equipment upgrades I can afford, I'm going to stop cataloging every minimal stat upgrade I make from here out, since it's honestly not very interesting.

There's one last thing before we head back to the bunker on the left side.

A secret chest at the bottom of this hallway!

Let's go find out what the big deal about this music box is, then.

You can tell I am not even a little interested in locking eyes with these horrible fuckers.

Ugh ugh ugh no no no. I turn away at just the right moment and avoid the fight here. It's honestly not worth the XP to me to have to listen to the battle music again.

Okay, Zacharie. Let's do this.

: I must admit that this object interests me highly. To possess it is a desire very close to my heart. Would you agree to entrust it to me in exchange for a valuable clue?

Well, we really need this clue. And if Zac says it's extremely valuable, it probably is. Okay man, hit us with your best.

: Now open your ears widely and listen attentively to this welcome advice of mine. In the game folder, your browser will find the file "Read me". Its name is not innocent. I'd suggest an active, assiduous reading.

: That's all.

... Are you

Music - Magic Pipe

Are you fucking kidding me


Music - Endless Hallway

I like this screenshot because I'm so friggin' angry about the solution to this puzzle being in the readme file. The Batter is pissed too, he's sass-stompin' his way back to the controller. Look how sassy his walk is!

Okay let's fucking do this.

We have to refer to the diagram from the previous update to remember which button is which letter. The top is Z for Zacharie, the right is B for Batter, the left is J for Judge, and the bottom is D for Director.

The lower level? Where were there stairs down again?

Ah yes, in the top room. The stairs are open now.

Well, fuck you. I'm with the Batter, and we're going to purify this place. I'm not going to listen to one lousy poster.

Or even two!

Still not listening.

Oh, this is a cute take on the keypad puzzle. There's a little trick to it, but it can be a bit obtuse at first.

The keypad is upside down this time. The number we're entering in this shot is the 3.

There! We've done it, no trouble.

This room looks foreboding. This is surely the last door before we meet the Director.

I think we're ready to go in.

Next time, we finally meet the Director of zone 3. I hope to see you then!