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by Panzer Skank

Part 21: ???? - Pure Zone 3

Welcome back. It's time to visit zone3.

Music - Not Safe

By now you should know what to expect when we enter.

We'll never know if this Elsen came back from his break.

There's no one left working in the monorail station.

But that's all right, I suppose, since the car is missing.

There's only us to watch the sea now, but we don't have the time.

With the zone pure we're safe to walk wherever we like in the cafeteria. There are no surprise specter attacks here anymore.

All the memos have been erased in this zone, just like the advertisments in the last zone.

Another gift from Zacharie.

This room is so off-putting without any pattern on the floor.

This is the dorm where we found Epsilon. There's nothing here at all, it's completely empty.

Next door, however, is where we need to go.

Remember to the left here, there was a man who frantically insisted he was hiding nothing?

He was lying. He was trying to save himself from death.

Up at the top where the Elsen was murdered in his naive kindness, a door has opened in the wall.

It leads us to this incredibly unnatural land bridge, which is our solution to the lack of train service.

Before we enter the treatment rooms, let's explore the area. Zacharie was here, once. Maybe he's left us treasure.

No. Both sides of this building are empty.

Down in the monorail station, however, it does appear he's left us something.

Another offensive weapon upgrade for an Add-on. I give it to Alpha since he's our hardest hitter.

Into the treatment rooms, then.

The only thing of note here is that the switches are missing completely. One other thing that's a bit disconcerting, though, is a bug.

The color in this battle screen is a bug, I'm sure. It was enough to make me physically jump though, especially since it took us so long to hit our first Secretary in this zone.

Their attacks are in the same vein as the previous secretaries, but far more powerful. Vertical Limit is their basic attack, which does a whopping 350 damage. Their other attack is Division by Zero, which does 100 damage and can inflict poison or sleep.

If you think I'm kidding around with how much these guys can fuck you up, check out Epsilon's health there.

Long Chain is the next step up in Alpha's "___ Chain" attacks. This does a really solid amount of damage.

Short of the switches being gone and the bug with the battle backdrop coloring, the treatment area is mostly just empty and sad.

They fixed the background color by the sugar room, it seems.

Not in the mood you creepy shit.

There's a new chest hidden in the sugar piles.

We're getting a lot of gear drops in these pure zones, and it'll prove useful in the endgame. It's already helping against the powerful Secretaries in this zone.

Another long and strange bridge awaits us.

Oh, it's the smoke stacks. At the very least, maybe we can hear Magic Pipe again. Let's check the Monorail station for loot first, though.

Oh. The entrance has disappeared, it's just a wall now.

Let's go the only way we can.

The climb is as long as ever.

Well, what have we got to lose, really?

There's no game here, no fun music. We just drop to the bottom with hardly a sound.

Despite all the wrong that seems to have passed here, at the very least we've changed this room. It's changed forever, and will never be what it was before.

Luckily for us, the monorail car is here. There's no way out of this room short of the red block since the entrance has caved in.

There's no cute little map animation this time. Just the sound of a train moving through the dark.

We come out in the endless hallway. We've already been through the left side when it went pure earlier. It makes me think that Enoch manually raised the blocks to protect the right side from our holy wrath.

But it's too late now, isn't it, Guardian?

All of the doors are closed to us on this side as well.

As you can probably tell from Alpha's status in this screenshot, fighting more than one of this flavor of Secretaries at a time is brutally difficult.

Save Third Base is the ultimate healing competence and restores the target to full health.

Frontal Perspective is another status-removing trick for Omega, curing Fury, Madness and Palsy.

Not a single door opens on the right side, so we can move on now.

Down into Enoch's offices.

The posters are still here, though they're completely blank now.

This is strange in a new way. The landscape has been rearranged, and through the doorway we find-

Nothing. Nothing in every direction as far as the eye can see.

All we can do is walk.

If you lead the Batter south and east in equal measure, you'll eventually cross the void.

Though at first it may seem as though you're back at the start.

In truth, we've found the final hidden treasure room.

"A bizarre object, associated with smoke."

This is another Special Day. It reduces the consumption of CP for any and all competences. I give this to the Batter temporarily, since his healing has become very good.

There's only one place left for us now, one place left unexplored.

That bright white dot has yet to fade.

Next time we'll finally find out what's inside THE ROOM. I hope you'll join me.