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by Panzer Skank

Part 22: The Room

Welcome back.

Well, are you ready?

Music - Brain Plague

Here we are. Welcome to the final level of OFF.

Heading through the door presents us with the current chapter title.

Just outside the first room is the long hallway.

This hallway is a repeating theme in The Room, so remember it.

We come into the main room, which is empty except for a bunch of chairs stacked off to the side and this wide, bright doorway.

Inside is nothing but a bed and some papers on the wall.

It's a calendar, today is Sunday. Since there's nothing else here, let's head back out into the main room.

Something seems different.

Trying to head back to the long hallway returns us to the bedroom. This time there's something new on the wall.

Whose words are these?

The door out leads us directly back to the first room. Let's go back.

The music is suddenly very LOUD, and is steadily growing louder. What's happening?

Oh god. They're the source of the music, it's so loud it hurts my head.

They swarm over us.

I don't know what to make of this.

We have to defeat each bear one at a time, but they're not particularly strong. There's just a lot of them. Also they've marched in straight from my nightmares.

Epsilon is an excellent add-on.

The hallway is empty now, we can proceed.

Something is different again.

There's now a bear in the bedroom.

Any time we come across a teddy bear for the rest of the game and examine it, this is what the Batter will say. I feel like he needs to constantly check now, after the incident in the hallway. It's inanimate. I'm sure it is. I'll check it again. Yes, it's not alive, now.


11:24 AM - MisterFuzzles: Should do an OFF update by making all the screenshots look drawn by Crayon.
11:24 AM - Panzer Skank: hahahahaha
11:24 AM - Panzer Skank: welp

Music - Gray Pencil

Who drew this hallway?

There are several phantoms patrolling it, but their movements are slow and jerking. If they're not facing us we can walk right by them.

Music - Brain Plague (Re-reversed)

I don't

Imprecise is a very good word for what we're seeing here.

These ghosts don't have very much health. Just enough I can't one shot them.

They're more annoying than anything.

Music - Gray Pencil

Once the battle is over we reappear just past the specter we defeated. But he's not defeated, he's right there. We can never clear out this hallway. Let's just head for the exit.

Ah, but the joke's on us. This hallway loops, endlessly. Going out the far end simply brings you back to the beginning. Truthfully, my first time in this hallway, I spent about 10 minutes looping and fighting before I figured out the solution.

All you have to do is go back out the entrance.

And once again we're back at the start.

I hope you'll join me for the next update.