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Part 23: I had three friends

Welcome back. We're about to start one of my favorite sections of the game.

Music - Silence

So let's head in.

The long hallway is unchanged, no bears this time.

But the main room is different. It has a lot more detail now, like the room is coming into focus.

The bedroom is still empty.

Checking the calendar we find that today is Sunday.

This is the door that previously led us to the sketchy hall.

It's the same layout as the sketchy hall, but like the main room, it seems this area has come into focus as well.

What could be at the far end this time, now that we're in the real version of the hall?

Music - Grey Pencil

A map? We control the black and white cursor and select any of the red dots to visit that area.

Let's go see the Tall Mister first.

Music - Clockwork (Lost Grip of Time)

We're taken to a strange island of land with a frightening cabin. Who could be inside?

Why, it's Dedan of course. The Tall Mister.

: Finally... Anyhow, I'm glad to see you, my boy. I got bitten by a cow, the pain is hard to bear. Plus, it's been nine o'clock for a while now. I don't like that at all.

: What're you doing here, by the way? This ain't really a place for you. Ah ! But no, for God's sake, don't cry... Everything's fine, come on, calm down. Here, dry your tears with my coat. This is only the beginning, it can only get better from now on.

: So, do you wanna be a nice boy and try to find something for me? I'd like to know what day it is, since it's been today for a while... Hasn't it?

If the music wasn't enough of a hint, Dedan states a bit more clearly what's wrong in his cabin. Time seems to be broken. How long has it been 9 o'clock for?

I'm not sure. We do know it's Sunday, but before we bring him proof I want to go to the other locations on the scribble map.

Music - The Walls Are Listening (Cliff Mix)

The bird?

Thousands of birds fly away as we approach the cliff's edge.

: You had better not go near the cliff. You could fall and get hurt. Take good care of yourself.

This is all Japhet has to say to us for now.

Music - Endless Hallway (Stuck)

Let's go visit the Big Mister.

: ... can you help me get out of here? ... I suppose not. If you go look for someone to help me, I'll bake you some cakes! They are going to be delicious, you'll see. And we'll tell each other jokes. Go find help, I beg you.

Well, now we've got two Misters to help. Let's help the Tall Mister now, since he asked first.

Music - Silence

He wants to know the date, and there's exactly one place we've seen the date several times now.

Now that we've been asked to collect the calendar, we can take it straight from the wall.

Let's see if this page helps Dedan.

Music - Clockwork (Lost Grip of Time)

: Gimme that!

: ... I suppose it's not all that important. Finally, I suppose it isn't that day anymore anyways.

: Your mother? Don't worry, she'll come back soon, she's just off to see the new world. She's someone really important, you know. Once she's back she'll revive all of this, everything'll work again. We'll reconstruct everything, soley with our bare hands. No exhaustion shall stop us, we'll be the future's builders.

: It's gonna be great, you'll see! We'll ride pedalos together. Have ya ever ridden a pedalo? Bah, it's awesome, you'll see. Here, take this in the meantime. I don't think I need it anymore. Thanks for the calendar.

The Wednesday is an odd item. It's another special day, but the description reads "Equipment that protects you from harmful ground". We haven't come across harmful ground before in this game.

But wait, a book? If we go into the inventory and examine the book with no title, this is what we find:

This seems familiar, doesn't it? We've seen this book before, and because we've seen it before, it should be clear who needs to end up with it by the end of the story.

: Don't worry about me, I just need some rest.

Let's go deliver the book to the person who wants it the most.

Music - The Walls Are Listening (Cliff Mix)

: Is that a book? What? A big mister, stuck in a hole? Calm down, I do not understand a bit of what you are telling me... If you hand me that book, I will agree to help your friend...

Of course we want to help Enoch! He promised us cakes, and I love cakes.

: Superb! Well, let me see what we can do for that big mister.

(If this gif does not work for you, please right click > open in new tab to view it.)

: We will be waiting for you in the cottage, in the west of the canyon. Meet us down there, and be careful not to fall...

As he flies away, he drops a gift for us. A Saturday increases the user's agility. Epsilon or Omega are good candidates for this as they're a bit slow.

Music - Clockwork (Lost Grip of Time)

All our friends are here.

: I see we can count on you.

: Thanks for the book, in these times of misery, it is a very precious treasure.

: Hahaha. What a clever lil' rascal we've here.

: Until your mother arrives, maybe we could keep you company...

: We can discuss about time and the fate of the world.

: Maybe we could even dare to sketch out the maps of the countries that'll soon be ours...

: What do you think, little one?

: A future where everyone of us will be guardians of universal happiness!

: Where every man'll have a job, and actively participate to maintain harmony.

: Where it will be allowed to dream of a happier life at any moment, and where our sons can touch our hope.

: Of course, you do not understand a lot of this grown-up talk... You rather should quickly forget our words, the first, bright stars in the dark of the world.

: So, go on out. Have fun. Benefit from this new country, which will soon be reborn from the still warm ashes.

: You have no time to lose! No need to listen to the lyrical babble of three crazy utopists.

: Ahahaha...

We've found the final piece of Special day equipment. The Secret day prevents poison, mute, and blindness. I'm fairly sure you only get it when you've collected all the other Special days.

Let's speak to our friends one last time before we go.

The Big Mister.

The Bird.

And the Tall Mister. Farewell friends. You will stay dear to my heart.

Well, we've been sent out to play. But where else can we go?

Music - Silence

There's one last red dot on the map we've yet to visit.

We appear back in the starting room, with nothing remaining of our three friends but our memories and the blood stains on our hands.

I hope you'll join me next time.