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by Panzer Skank

Part 24: The world in a window

Hi, and welcome back.

Last time we made three friends. What will be in the room this time?

Music - Fourteen (Fake) Residents

When we pass through the doorway, we're presented with the title screen. But something seems a little off.

There are three save files to load from, and none of them are mine. Let's try the first slot, then.

Music - Brain Plague

The main room is even more in focus now. There are computers on the desk, and the ground now has a red pattern on it. If we touch the red, it does damage to our party, but it's easy enough to avoid.

You'll notice there's two paths out of the main room now, one in the north-east and one in the south-west. Let's examine the bedroom first before trying a door.

Today? What day is today?

Oh, it's Sunday. But a music box?

Music - The Race of a Thousand Ants

Like this one? Remember, in this file we never gave it to Zacharie. When we play it, rather than showing us the still frame of the box, it simply cuts back to us in the bedroom, but the music has changed.

And a hidden chest has appeared.

This is the ultimate offensive equipment for an Add-On, and I immediately give it to Alpha.

Now that we've finally solved the mystery of the music box, let's try the lower doorway here.

Music - Silence



This giant number appears in front of us, wavering like a mirage. Are we reading his mind? Is he projecting it to us?

Regardless, all we need to do is enter this number.

Okay well, goodbye then.

This is an interesting room. In the top left of the raised platform there's a stone, and at the bottom there's a hole we need to get the stone into. We can't reach it to push it, but by walking on the crosses on the floor we can push it by proxy.

It's a fairly simple puzzle. Once we get the rock to the hole, we're rewarded.

Four numbers appear on the wall. Lucky us, I know a guy who fuckin' loves numbers. Also he's giant and maybe I'm imagining him.

Oh. Well. Let's try the north set of doors, then.

Music - Brain Plague

This is a new set of rooms, and this Elsen wants to play a game with us.

Why, it's Sunday of course! We just checked the calendar.

: Yes! That's it, bravo. Here, take this as a reward.

More equipment. We're becoming very powerful, but it's been a long time since we've actually needed to fight anything.

The next Elsen is waiting for us in that room to the left.

That's easy. Pentel was where we found the metal farms. Damien had the smoke mines, Elsen was the entrance area, and Alma was our final confrontation with Dedan.

: Yes! That's it, bravo. Here, take this as a reward.

What sort of room is this?

Directions is the correct answer, and was not a book in Japhet's great library. It's a bit tricky, as you may get it mixed up with The Cardinal Points, the book that taught us the arrow code for outside the library.

: Yes! That's it, bravo. Here, take this as a reward.

This is the most powerful Colour item, and can be equipped in any party member's defense slot. I equip it to the Batter.

Before we visit the final Elsen in the door to the left, what is this? There's a poster on the wall between two leaves.

A playing card maybe? It has the same leaf in a pattern on the back.

I take another photo with my phone, as this pattern seems too intricate to write down accurately.

The final Elsen stands on poisoned ground. We have to deliberately hurt ourselves to speak to him.

How could I possibly forget.

: Yes! That's it, bravo. Here, take this as a reward.

By the way, if we get the questions wrong, we're chastised for not paying attention. Regardless of a pass or fail, talking to them a second time just gives us this response:

What was tomorrow again? Sunday? I love Sundays. I'll come back then.

There's nothing left to do, so we return to the save room. Save. Hm.

Let's load the second slot from the fake save screen.

Music - Shhhhhh

The hall is full of ghosts.

They shift and pace uncomfortably.

Is this where all the burnt we've purified ended up?

The bedroom has become a literal prison. There is nothing inside.

The pattern of the dots looks familiar, and the leaves on the wall are a major hint. The dots look like the back of the playing card. Let's look at it again.

There are six leaves in this pattern that face to the right, just like the leaves on the wall.

If we investigate the spots on the floor that match up to the right-facing leaves on the card, we find they are panels that can be pushed in.

It's simply a matter of pushing in the six correct panels to match the card.

And a number appears. We should go tell it to our number-loving friend back in the first savegame.

Music - Silence

It's just a matter of entering and leaving the save room to trigger the false menu screen.

We found another number he likes.

The description on this item says "Permits access to The Room (again)". It actually unlocks a door in the third savegame that would have hindered our progress if we'd tried to go there earlier.

Goodbye then, friend.

It was fun to play your game.

Music - Brain Plague

It's time for the third slot.

Something seems wrong in the long hall now.

There are no ghosts, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of anything, really.

We can't see the wall with the calendar, I'm not sure what day it is any more.

We can still reach this door at the top of the main room. But instead of the small rooms with the Elsen, it takes us someplace weird.

A block puzzle. But there's no numbers here, no numbers anywhere in this file.

I try a few blocks but nothing seems to happen, until I hit this one.

Oh! If this is a keypad, this is block number 3! Back in the rock-pushing room we found a number that began with 3, didn't we?

3755, from the room past the large Elsen. That's our answer.

Back out in this second long hall, we don't flip back upside-down while walking to the main room. We've fixed everything.

I hope you'll join me next time.