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Part 25: Boxxer's adventures

Hi and welcome back. Today is a very special update.

Music - Silence

Everything seems fairly normal at the start of the room.

The poison on the floor has been neutralized, but the pattern remains as a stain.

Both of the alternate exits from the main room are gone as well.

We've heard this comic mentioned several times now. A gift from father to child.

What could be inside?

Music - Panic in Ballville

Complete fucking insanity is inside. Welcome to Ballville.

: Ballville is peaceful today. Let's hope that nothing will ruin that sweet blue color in this wonderful sky.

: ... And my new invention ! The cloning machine ! I filled Ballville with clones of my evil self, there is no way to stop us now, Boxxer !

: And I've also kidnapped your little girlfriend.

: Oh no. Maybe it isn't such a good day after all..

Oh no, evil clones! AND they've taken our girlfriend?? Let's get going!

: I'd better hurry.

And with that we're plopped into the neon world of Ballville. There are clones of Ballman constantly spawning in front of us.

If they pass us, they despawn, but if we walk into one we're put into a fight!

Music - Panic in Ballville (Boss Theme)

Whenever we start a battle, RPGmaker freaks the fuck out about the player character being on the left side. It fixes itself after this initial screen though.

Anyway, these are the evil Ballmen. They attack much faster than the Boxxer with their mighty BALL RAY attack.

Since we don't have the Batter, we can't analyze the enemies for their information. Or so I thought! Do you remember back a while ago when we picked up an item called an Eye?

I was given a heads up that while inside Ballville, we have access to all of the Batter's stuff! Let's use an Eye now, since there's no other way for us to examine the Ballmen.


The Boxxer has a number of competence skills. Punch and Kick both one-shot a Ballman. Power restores our health to full, and Bomb kills all enemies on screen.

We're basically invincible, really.

Music - Panic in Ballville

While it's on my mind, since we can access the regular item inventory, what does the menu look like?

Ah this is so cool! They made a full custom shell just for this section.

The Boxxer's stats are absolutely insane. Also, all of his equipped items have excellent descriptions:

Right Glove - The arm of justice

Left Glove - The first of vengeance

Starred Shorts - With an integrated cup

Nerves of Steel - Always triumph!

Lucky Coin - A precious childhood memory

Yup, a Watchmen reference.

We travel into the dark tunnel, in search of the source of all these evil clones!

Up ahead, what could that be? Is it the cloning machine?

Oh dear goodness that is a lot of clone mans!!

Music - Panic in Ballville (Boss Theme)

Our meter fills up SO SLOWLY during this fight! Every Ballman here hits us with a Ballray before we can even move! But back in the first fight, do you remember what the fourth attack in the list, Boxx Bomb, did?

Take that evil-doers!

Oh no Boxxer!!

The clones swarm over him! Will he be all right?? When is the next issue?!

Music - No Music

Oh. Right. I, um. Forget it, let's just go.

As we reappear in the saveroom, we find Zacharie here! Oh my goodness it's been so long!

Next time we will see the first ending of the game. I hope you'll join me then.