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Part 27: Tender sucre

Hi, and welcome back. Today we're going to see the secret ending of OFF.

Music - Brain Plague (Slow Rewind)

We load in at the final save point, since there was no way to save once we go to fight the Queen. Before we go anywhere though, there's something I've been hiding from you guys.

Well, I've been hiding a few things actually. But the first thing is in Zacharie's final sale inventory.

Do you recall the three items we found in the hidden treasure rooms back in the purified rooms? They were called Grand items, and they were associated with elements.

Well, at the very bottom of his list, Zacharie is selling a Grand item. This is our fourth item of this kind.

It's our Grand item that's associated with meat! That means we're only missing one Grand element item, the one for the fifth element.

Let's go get it then!

There's a really good reason I haven't shown you what's back in zone0.

Music - Empty Warehouse

It's actually totally normal and unpurified here. Well, as normal as areas in this game can be.

We know the Judge is no longer here, but someone seems to have left the light on. Who could it be?

Why, it's Zacharie of course! Who else would it be?

He's... he's not really very fine. Well, let's not talk about it now.

Zacharie does sell some equipment here, and I actually came back before visiting the purified zones to grab some of it. It's not his Room end-game tier inventory, but it's still better than the zone3 stuff.

Anyhow, do you remember back at the end of zone2, when the Judge told Valerie about his secret basement full of sugar? Well...

He wasn't lying.

Music - Tender Sugar

The music seems a little dark for a sugar stash.

: I'm ignoring... Why everything's so frightening.

: I'm never hungry, :-)

: Think of something beautiful really hard, and maybe you will see it tomorrow.

: Who are you?

: Like a beautiful day, for example. With a huge ducky. A frightening one.

: What are you doing here?

: Let's not lose

: any time

: to useless introductions.

: Let's dance, my dear friend. :-)

Readers, meet Sugar. She lives in the basement of zone0 with the Judge's secret sugar stash. Or is she the stash?

Immediately her Dummies begin casting assistance spells. The Dummies know four different spells, and every one is a stat debuff against us. They can't actually hurt us.

Sugar is another one of those endgame bosses who has a lot of health, but is extremely vulnerable to poison. She actually takes around 600 damage a turn from it, which is insane.

It only takes one solid hit to take out the dummies, so Epsilon is a champ for this, leaving only Sugar to attack physically.

I'm a little disappointed, as Sugar has five different attacks with really neat names that vary in damage and type, but she only ever used this one. I'm going to quote Vilkacis directly for her attack list here, because I think it's really interesting and I don't have a solid way to show it off with how this fight went down:

Vilkacis posted:

Quatre Quarts: 400 damage.
Parfait au Chocolat: 100 damage, entire party.
Dame Blanche: 90 damage, inflicts Madness. 90% accuracy.
Mille-Feuilles: Attack debuff, 12 base power; inflicts Furious.
Hard-bitten Caramel: 250 damage, inflicts Palsied.

Also, let me mention briefly how great Vilkacis is. He provided me with the all the boss and attack info I've used in this LP. Thanks buddy.

Also of note is that I think her Quatre Quarts attack is the hardest hitting attack in the game until now. 400 damage seriously hurts, even with how strong we are.

The 601 damage you see in these shots is her taking poison damage on top of the regular damage we're causing her.

Enough, enough of this. It's time to end it.

There it is, our lovely Grand item of sugar.

As a secret boss, she gives a great deal of XP. This is fantastic!

: I didn't like that dance... ... my dear friend.

: :-(

: ...

: I think the huge, frightening ducky has won this round.

: Say goodbye to Zacharie for me.

Zacharie? Why would Zacharie?... Oh no.

Music - Empty Warehouse

Well, let's go tell Zacharie, then. It was her final wish.

: I guess it's better like that.

Once we've killed Sugar, this is all Zacharie in this location will say, ever again. He also doesn't laugh while delivering this line.

However, since we've collected all five of the Grand items, he continues.

: ... But... You have the five elements?

(He resumes laughing here.)

: He he he, excellent!

: You have the choice between the Ashley Bat, the ultimate offensive weapon of this game...

: And the Aries-card, which is, though I have no idea what it's good for, perfectly unique as well!

Well, a slammin' awesome bat might be fun but...

You guys know how much I love unique items.

: Ahaha, gorgeous! Here's your new treasure, use it wisely!

But what does it do?

To a secret place? Well, I won't tease you guys again. The secret place is actually the secret ending of the game. So, let's hop to it.

We've got to beat the Queen, Hugo, and the Judge one more time to see the secret ending.

Music - Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow

You've seen it before, so I'll just pass through quickly.

Once again we defeat the beautiful Queen.

Once again we strike down our innocent son.

And once again, when faced with our final choice, we chose to side with the Batter for the official ending.

After defeating the Judge, things seem to go normally. Judy Garland plays and we view the credits.

However, at the very end, just as Judy sings the last note, something different happens.

Music - Just Like a Bunch of Monkeys Fighting Underwater

So now, I'm just going to let this happen. Enjoy.

Well, that just happened.

That's the secret ending of OFF! I hope you enjoyed it. Man, it sure was nice to see something goofy and silly again! We finally got a funny ending without anyone getting hurt!

Next time we'll be siding with the Judge to view the game's special ending, and it will be the final update of the LP. I hope you'll join me again.