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Part 28: The batter

Hi, and welcome to the final update of Let's Play OFF.

Music - Brain Plague (Slow Rewind)

It sure is, Zacharie. We start from the same final saveblock as before, but this time we're gearing up.

We're buying everything I can afford. I spend every last credit now.

I'm selling everything too. Zach can have it all.

Every piece of equipment we're not using, including all the Special Days we don't have equipped.

Even this is meaningless to me now.

We now have 30,000 credits to hand right back over. And we do.

Every. Last. God damn one.

Here are the final loadouts and stats for each member of our party:

You might notice we don't have the Ashley Bat mentioned in the previous update. If I'm gearing up as much as I can, why wouldn't I get that bat?

Because I refuse to kill Sugar. I'll forgo the ultimate weapon if it means we can leave even one extra person alive.

Music - The Meaning of His Tears

Now, let's go. We have a wrong to right.

During our fight with the Queen, we are more powerful than we have ever been.

I accidentally manage to kill her before even taking out the Add-ons.I've never done that before.

With Hugo, again I refuse to help. This is the last time I will allow the Batter to take the reins again. Ever.

We walk the final hallway and meet the Judge once again. We are presented with our choice.

But this time I'm refusing. I refuse to side with the Batter, even if he is our puppet. His actions are wrong and we are wrong to enable him.

Today we choose redemption.

Music - Avatar Beat

The big frightening ducky indeed.

Once again we can't use the Batter's analysis skill, but the Judge has access to our full inventory.

It's very interesting that the Eye sees the Add-ons here. I can assure you they aren't part of the fight. Does this mean the Batter has absorbed the Add-ons into himself? Were they ever really there to begin with?

First of all, the Judge has a good list of excellent attacks. At the bottom, we have these Sclerosis attacks. Each one inflicts a status effect. We're going to start off by poisoning the Batter, because I hate him.

It takes. He begins taking between 95 and 130 damage per turn, and his turns go very rapidly. I should mention that the Batter has access to all his regular competence skills appropriate to your level, and if you don't act fast he can absolutely ruin you. However, he never got a chance to attack here.

If you'll recall before when we fought the Judge, I told you he was simply a cat and his attacks are pitiful. This isn't true. The Aneurysm attacks come in every level of strength. The Judge actually has the capability for incredible hits, but he seems to have refused to use them against his friend. However, we're making the calls here now.

We do nearly a thousand damage per attack. After poisoning him, we kill him in two hits.

The Batter didn't even get a single strike in on us.




Music - No Music

: It's too late. Everything is lost.

: I know, but I prefer this over your victory.

Credits Music - Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow

And now I present to you the complete credits as they are seen after the Special ending. Please listen to the music as you read them.

Thank you for reading.