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Part 32: Short Asides - Vilkacis' secret PO floor

Huh. What's actually supposed to happen when you get there... that you find this guy.

See? I'm always ahead of you. Don't you find that strange?
Well, in any case, take this item and go do something more interesting.

It's a one-use item that ups a character's max HP by 50. If you talk to him again,

If you want to buy stuff, come find me in the basement.

However there's an activation switch for him to show up, which gets turned on when you first talk to him in the basement. So if you saved before you talked to him and then ran past him to get here, you wouldn't find him on the secret floor. I can't find anything that turns the switch off, so the event should be available at any time after that.

If you've already talked to him... well, in that case I'm out of ideas.