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Part 36: Short Asides - Secret to the Left of the Park

Gensuki posted:

For the balloon popping mini-game, if you always go first, he's kind of cheating. Since there are 13, he can always, always, always win, if he's smart.
He can make sure 4 are popped after his turn every time. (you pop 1, he pops 3; you pop 2, he pops 2; you pop 3, he pops 1). this mean that, when it's your turn, you have
balloons left to pop. So if he always lets you go first, he can't lose.

So it seems like he was cheating, but doing it the wrong way? wrong?

There is another variant where you want to pop the last balloon, in which case, the first to go is always winning, since they can take 1 and make sure 4 are taken every time...So again, he may have been cheating, but for the wrong version of the game?

I went and reviewed my footage just to see how I beat him. He popped 3, then I popped 1. He then popped 3 more, allowing me to pop just 1 and leave him with the final 5 balloons.
Is there a name for this type of puzzle? I feel like there is but I can't remember it.

Midnight Voyager posted:

I have a question.

WHY is the roller coaster photographer Elsen there if the ride is closed down? Does the poor fucker come in to work every day, sit in his chair, do nothing all day, go home?

Well the Elsen really DO love to work, even if their job seems pointless!

ProfessorProf posted:

Found this on my tumblr dashboard today:


This is hilarious. I love good interpretations of how the ___'s Meat items work. There's some really great art of the batter just shoveling raw bloody meat in his mouth.

BiggerJ posted:

Trivia (will remove if requested: you can sell the photo of the Batter appearing to ride with Zacharie to Zacharie for a tidy sum. The likely implication is that you're blackmailing him.

I'll be showing this off shortly! Zacharie is basically my favorite character, everything that involves him is hilarious.

Quillpaw posted:

Hey you know what you should do when you leave the park? You should take your pedalo and ride left forever. There's a cool thing at the end of forever.


Look at this image 4 times and you will know what it is to cross the nothingness.


We've found treasure!! What could it be? Something amazing?? Diamonds?? GOLD??


(Thanks Quillpaw! I had no idea this was out here!)