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Part 37: Short Asides - A few library secrets

PoliteMachineGun posted:

I'm enjoying the hell out of this LP so far, thank you so much for writing! There were so many secrets I didn't even know about; I didn't know the zodiac orbs existed until I read this. Though I wish you'd talked a little more to that guy near the wall in the Library. There's also a secret after you finish Zone 2 that I really hope you're going to show off, but I don't know how you feel about revisting areas. Anyway, looking forward to your next couple of updates.

Oh, please send me a PM detailing out what you'd like to see!

I'm trying to cover every secret I know, so if anyone has questions about what I'm going to cover/suggest secrets I may miss/have missed, please feel free to PM me on the forums or add me on steam! I would love to chitchat about secret stuff in this game without spoiling it before it's shown in the thread.

Edit: Oh! I just found the bit you were talking about in the library!

Remember this guy to the left here who was staring at the wall?

Well, if you keep talking to him...

: Yes... no... I... I'm just looking at that wall. Leave me be... I... It's only a wall.

: I think... the wall said something to me... Can you hear it? I... I think it has ears. But nobody's talking in here, so it can't hear anyone. That's pretty sad...

: It protects the books, but it can't read them. Maybe we're all protecting something, but we just don't know what... Or maybe we are ruining it.

: Just let me admire this wall... It must be suffering... All the time...

This guy is real depressing.

Time for a bonus secret I just learned about from tumblr! Back up the stairs in the room with the weird books, there are two shelves with secrets on them.

The one on the left is the best:

Thanks again, PoliteMachineGun for giving me the heads up on super depressing guy!