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Part 40: Short Asides - Second Endless Halls visit

persistentminiboss posted:

Purified Zone 3 doesn't really seem quite as unnerving as Zones 1 and 2. Seeing all those Elsen wiped away is still horrible, but between the initial shock of the first purified Zone and The Judge in the second Zone, this one just didn't hit as hard. The Secretaries are still creepy as all hell, though.

Is it possible to revisit Zone 0? Its marker is still on the map, but since its Guardian seems to be the The Judge (or at last I assume it is, seeing as he was its sole occupant) and he's still alive, I'm guessing nothing there has really changed?

Yes we can, but I'm not ready to show you what's in Zone 0 yet. We'll be heading there a bit later.

Doc Finn posted:

Before continuing, you might check the doors on the left side. Not everything is unchanged.

Oh man I am dumbfounded.

In the left hallway, this door is on the upper stretch. It used to open to a brick wall.

I should have figured that would end up being important.

This bat is like, crazy good. Jeez I wish I'd known this was here!

Also, down at the bottom near where Zacharie was hiding, there's another chest!

I'm pretty sure this is an improved version of an Inspiration, the most useless battle item ever.

Thank you Doc Finn for the heads up!

VVV Answered right up here!