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Part 41: Short Asides - Meanings of Names Part 2

Looking a little bit into name stuff just now:

Enoch seems to have a lot of religious ties. The most prominent one is Saint Enoch the Patriarch, one of the ancestors of Noah. He transcended mortal death and was taken to paradise personally by God.

Japhet appears to be a little more complicated. The religious tie-in for him appears to be Japheth, son of Noah, though there's not very much that's interesting about him in the bible. Wikipedia suggests, however, that the sons of Noah tie in with several pagan gods, which is really interesting! Japheth apparently ties in with three other gods:
Iapetus, a titan of mortality from Greek mythology.
Prajapati, a deity who protects life in Hinduism.
Dyaus Pita, another Hindu deity, though this one is a bit older. The name literally translates to "Sky Father".

These might be incorrect tie-ins, but they're still pretty neat to read with the characters from OFF in mind. Are there any other names worth investigating? Are there any other meanings to these names you find significant?