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Part 42: Short Asides - Round up of art stream things

Wow, I really hate to put this bullshit right in the middle of the incredibly interesting discussion and analysis of the meaning of the game, but here's a dump of all the crap that just happened in that stream:

Zacharie is everybody's favorite guy!

He is totally normal and not weird.

I cannot draw the Batter, he is only the Fatter.

Sad Enoch.

Here we see the crowning jewel of the entire night, the Dedan squirrel. This is basically the point where the entire stream went off the rails.

Dedan is also the moon.

Japhet is Mickey Mouse????

Japhet in his stylish cat ascot catscot.

Please eat Enoch's delicious cake!

I had to just cordon off this area as the Weird Porn Dimension. We're not going back there. (Someone in the stream chat was trying to teach me how to draw a cat)

The Fatter committing an ICE CRIME

Critic-Burnt is a hell of a Beatles fan.

I realized after I drew this that someone had asked for the burnt to be playing videogames, so I gave him Tetris.

Then we somehow ended up back in the anime dimension and well


So that's about the point I decided to turn the stream off.

We also got fanart of the Fatter from ShadyAmish mid-stream:

he also drew us a quick anime tears Batter-san:

Needless to say I did not finish my art for the next update! Thank you for the fun stream, everyone who joined.