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Part 66: Le Mann, Explorer Extraordinaire (II)

Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

It's time to check up with yet another old companion of ours.

It is I, the great adventurer Le Mann! Surely you have not forgotten me? I was well on my way to uncovering a new continent, when I came up against a most perilous plight.

Ah! All too often the greatest adventures bring with them the greatest sorrows. I very much want to discover new worlds. And yet, I simply cannot motivate myself to leave home. If only someone could give me the gentle nudge I need to step forth into the great unknown.

What Le Mann's quest line lacks in meat and depth, it makes up for in being really easy.

This one's so simple the game tells you twice. Le Mann needs someone from home to help push him forward.

So back to Rippletide we go!

He's always wanted to be an adventurer. But between the two of us, he can't even tie his shoelaces without someone's help. And every time that he gets down in the dumps, it always falls to me to give him the push he needs to get moving again.

Looks like we found the perfect person to motivate him. Let's hope this works...!


Le Mann... Didn't you finally do what you'd always wanted? Didn't you set out on a grand adventure? We've been friends since we were children, and I've always tried to be there for you...

You had a dream, didn't you!? A dream you've held in your heart since we were boys...

I know you've always been all talk and no action. But I really thought that you would do it if you were given the chance...
If I so much as see your lousy face back home, I'll never speak to you again.

You've always been the one to push me when I needed courage...

It's always tough to push yourself out of your comfort zone and dive into unfamiliar territory. Hell, I still struggle with that. Sometimes all someone needs is the right push to get them going, like in Le Mann's case...

...though maybe sometimes we're better off staying in our comfort zones.

Go then, Le Mann. And don't come back until you've had a true adventure.

What could go wrong...?

...Nevermind. For now, I'm going to do a couple more side stories, and after that we'll finally start Primrose's Chapter 2.