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by Metroixer

Part 2: easy game

The Merkinman posted:

Standing on/near a Mudokon then farting will make them move a space, that sort of thing would come in handy during that first Kill All video.

Hmm, I know that's a thing in Exoddus but don't recall it happen in Oddysee. Will have to experiment.


I'm pretty sure I only owned the sequel but I remember the Scrabs being far more of a threat than Paramites. But maybe it's just me?

As other people have said before me, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. It's a little goofy of me to get into it (especially when we're so close to seeing paramites!) but scrabs are more of an instant threat while paramites are more of a lingering one. You can always tell when you're in a situation where you have to run from a scrab, and those situations tend to be very close quarters. Paramites, in comparison, will sneak up on you very quickly, but if you know they're coming up, it's easy to avoid them.


The Scrab area in Exoddus is a good deal harder than the Paramite area is, but in the original, the Paramite area is quite a few notches of difficulty above the Scrab area.

I feel like this quote is vague enough that it doesn't need to be spoiled. The problem with the difficulty in the paramonian temple is that it feels very artificial to me (I'll get more into this when we get to said areas in the videos). If it weren't for two specific rooms being as weirdly unstable as they are, I would say that the scrabanian temple is much harder, easily. Do agree with you on exoddus though.

06: easy game


Bridges made from timber and tied with vines connect land masses together. Pipes are made from thick prehistoric skins sewn together with huge leather staples. Hollowed out trees are also used as bridges and ladders. These pipes are waterways that flow from the Monsaic wells. The rough texture of the skins is similar to reptiles and dinosaurs. These skins are also used for various flags, windmills, and covers for tunnel entrances.

If you have been enjoying my skilled and masterful gameplay in the past videos: i'm sorry