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Part 7: welcome back


If I recall correctly, that paw-shaped mark on the moon is why the Mudokons were enslaved by the Glukkons. When the paw mark appeared, the Mudokons took it as a sign that they were the chosen race of Oddworld and started being huge jerks about it to everyone else, until the Glukkons got sick of their shit.

I've never heard this before! You don't mind if I ask for a source?

11: Welcome Back


They say it's the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld. An aggressive cohort of slash and burn capitalists, the Magog Cartel is dedicated to the mercantile conquest of the Oddworld Universe. They eat rain forests for breakfast and stage toxic spills just for fun. The pristine continent of Mudos was a happy hunting ground for the Cartel, but now that the resources are nearly depleted, Molluck the Glukkon is ready to up the stakes and move on to greener pastures... after feeding RuptureFarms' slaves into the farm itself.

RuptureFarms is the Magog Cartel's main meat packing plant on Mudos. The overriding goal of RuptureFarms is to create the top meat processing facility by squelching innovation and ideas, delivering rancid products to the market, and providing a terrifying, dangerous working environment for their slaves. RuptureFarms is a classicaly ironic name for a slaughterhouse. "Rupture" isn't typically associated with meatpacking, yet it gives a certain kick in the groin impression.