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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

by TwoDayLife

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Original Thread: Hi! Follow me! Let's Play Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Hi! and welcome to Let's Play Abe's Oddysee.
Abe's Oddysee was the first game set in the Oddworld universe. It was then followed by Abe's Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee, and Stranger's Wrath (of which Plavski did a very entertaining LP of).
In Abe's Oddysee we take the role of Abe, a lowly Mudokon slave working at a meat packing plant called "Rupture Farms." Abe learns a terrible secret and now must escape Rupture Farms and discover his true destiny, or some crap like that. You can get the full backstory by checking out these scans from the game manual.

About the game itself:
Abe's Oddysee is pretty damn hard, and frustratingly frustrating. It plays a lot like Flashback, except all Abe has is dirty loincloth. The gameplay consists of lots of puzzle solving and platforming, but there's a lot of neat stuff to make it interesting. For example, Abe can possess some enemies and then use them to kill stuff. Also, the game features a very rudimentary AI system, where Abe can communicate to his friends and give them commands.
I will be doing a "save all Mudokons" run, and will be cutting out most of the deaths. I'll be also making a death reel for most updates, for those who are interested.
What a "save all" run means is, that I will be saving all 99 of Abe's friends at Rupture Farms.
Anyway, here are the videos, please use Viddler only as a backup or to download the file, as the quality on Gamevee is far far superior:


Abe's Oddysee intro: Viddler
Abe's First Adventure: Viddler
Abe's Second Encounter: Viddler
Abe's Deaths #1: Viddler
Abe's Third Trial: Viddler
Abe's Fourth Frontier: Viddler
Abe Dies Part 2: Viddler
Abe's Fifth Frolic : Viddler
Abe's Sixth Sense : Viddler
Abe's Dies Part #3 : Viddler
Abe's Seventh Something: Viddler
Abe's Eighth Emission: Viddler
Abe's Ninth Nibble: Viddler
Abe's Tenth Tumble: Viddler
Abe's Eleventh Elephant: Viddler
Abe 12: There Will Be Slog Blood: Viddler
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