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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

by Metroixer

Part 14: BOILAH room

And now we have an update, I remembered I had autoducking so hearing the shaman among other things shouldn't be as much of a problem.

15: BOILAH room

Oddworld Artbook posted:

"Hand of Odd is a real-time strategy game that has yet to come to fruition. The logo design is a good representation of the way many ideas are birthed at Oddworld. The design is thick with symbolism that defines the basic themes of the experience, a standard starting point for Oddworld stories. Some of the symbols are obvious such as representing industrial technology as a bomb. Other symbols are meant to be more cryptic like the beehive. The bees could be trying to destroy the bomb or live on it as a home. Ultimately, the meaning behind the design is simple; the natural world is at conflict with the industrial world, summing up a core plight of the Oddworld philosophy.

Oddworld Artbook posted:

Mudokons who have been freed or who were never slaves are considered to be natives. Native Mudokons fulfill jobs that nurture and cultivate the environment. Their enslaved counterparts are considered to be civilized. Enslaved Mudokons are forced to fill dangerous workforce positions that often strip commodities from the environment for their Glukkon masters.

And of course, there are plenty of teaser trailers for Hand of Odd. Do note that the descriptions for some videos are confusing saying that they are beta videos for Munch. As far as I know, this is not true. This is all a separate game that was just supposed to come out around the same time. There are some munch beta vids in the related if you want to look at them, but I'm saving them for later. (Showing off how big the battles would be) (showing off civilized mudokon jobs, and some neat air vehicles! You can see how it uses similar models to munch, the building that is recycling wood is splinterz!) (Native mudokon tree growers....) (Civilized mudokon tree destroyers!!!) (The preview that the in-game clip came from)