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Part 19: The Loading docks and the BAD ending

20: Loading Docks

Oddworld Artbook posted:

Interns; with their mouths permanently stitched shut and their blaring headphones drowning out nearly all thought, the Interns are reduced to the quintessential apathetic employee. With freakishly sadistic employers like the Vykkers, a disconnection from reality is for the best. Though their lanky fingers make them ideal for use in handling awkward mudokon eggs, interns have no interest in nursing the fragile workers-to-be inside. So long have they worked for the vykkers that they have acquired the same pasty translucent skin and callous disregard for other living creatures. Even their slouching posture and dragging knuckles reflect their complacency with routine and lack of motivation that is punctuated by their perpetually droning music.

I like to think interns are exactly like sligs, except teenagers. Moody cynical teenagers. One thing to point out is that their mouth is stitched shut, so in a way they do have it worse than sligs since they can't even talk to each other. Err, they can, it's just all muffled.



The bad ending newspaper only appears if your quarma is REALLY in the red. I had a separate save file for a regular bad ending, but not the worst one. As a result, I had to scrounge together this newspaper :X

"Oddworld Artbook posted:

The newspapers gave opportunity to tell a lot of back story that was off the player path. They showed mudokons getting enslaved and then revolting. Lulu's rise and fall, and other stories. The image from the bad ending newspaper was a favorite because the fuzzles and other mudokons are looking at abe and munch in disgust because they failed their mission.

I should also mention that in the labor eggs sign, the weird horned thing at the corner is the Mudokon queen; Sam. Sam was supposed to show up in this game enslaved in a facility, popping out babies, for lack of a better term. Unfortunately, rushing, so now all we see of Sam is that little cartoony thing.