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Part 37: UPDATE 32: Exploring the Eastern Region

So yeah, it turns out that this update actually fits in one post (which is odd because I did not think it was shorter than Update 1, which did not) and I have the whole thing written anyway, so I'll just dump it all here right now.

UPDATE 32: Exploring the Eastern Region

Okay so as I'm sure you all know, the Holy Lodis Empire is fast advancing on the legendary Temple of Berthe to get their hands on a mysterious power which could very well change the course of the war and start a reign of conquest that would propel Lodis to world-domination-level status. We definitely need to stop them.

At some point.

But really, what's the hurry? It's a beautiful day and we can't waste it hanging around in these freezing cold mountains! Y'know where we haven't been in forever? Tenne Plains. I wonder if they ever recovered from those scary monster attacks! Let's go find out.

Specifically I'm sending Meredia on a pleasant stroll to the town of Bourdeux. Which is almost a French name but not quite!

Here, some rich jerk has some very particular advice for us.

: "HOW could a refined woman like myself live out in the country? However, one good thing about living here. I can buy silk at Dardunnelles. I can give it to the dressmaker in Billney in Tenne Plains. I've never seen such gorgeous dresses anywhere. Why not have one made for yourself, instead of fighting like barbarians? My daughter told me that a Bolt of Silk is available on the 15th of every month."

Sage advice indeed. Why bother with all of this war business, when we COULD be going to actually pretty considerable effort to get some fabulous dresses made? This woman is so smart I'm going to go and do what she said immediately.

Our destination in particular is the town of Melphy, Dardunelles. Better look into renting a house or something, Freddie. You're gonna be here a while. Note that the date upon the beginning of my visit is the 2nd of Vento.

On certain dates, the town of Melphy will be visited by a traveling peddler. I don't know where he is on all the other days of the month, because you never see him in any other town. At any rate, 4 days after I came here, on the 6th, it's time to pay him a visit. You want to make sure you do this between 9 AM (I think) and 6 PM. Our units may be able to march for like 18 hours at a stretch, but NPCs don't keep the same schedule.

Yo yo, hip young dude or dudette. Give me your money. Izzle.

: "The mysterious Condrite from the sky! You can't find it anywhere else!"

Nice of him to break the fourth wall a little bit there -- we indeed cannot find this item anywhere else.

Condrite, Condrite, Condrite... where have I heard that word before?

Well, I know I want it. Fork it over.

This is a pretty sweet rock. Definitely the best 450 bucks I ever spent.

: "Thanks, man!"

Wow, that's sure not an awkward translation of something.

Anytime the peddler is in town, wait until nightfall -- between 18:00 and 21:00, he's old and 9:30 is his bedtime -- and go back into Melphy and you'll get an additional special offer too shady for him to advertise it during the day!

: "I got a Book of Meteor Strike today, usually available only on the Black Market. It's a rare tome written by the ancient Drakonites. I heard it'll summon a meteor from the heavens, and crush your enemy."

Now, we can afford this. We can TOTALLY afford this with a decent cushion on top of it. We're sitting on 60 grand. The Book of Meteor Strike is more expensive to start with than the other Drakonite book we've seen (Annihilation, in Alba) but where that one only gets more expensive with time, this price is fixed. The thing is, we'll soon be able to get one of each of those and a few others for free, so I'm not sure if oh who the hell am I kidding I'm buying the shit out of this thing.

Yeah, this is definitely the best purchasing decision I've ever made late at night in a back alley. Usually it's just drugs.

At this point I sat around Melphy doing nothing until the peddler came back. This happened (like that rich lady said) on the 13th day of my visit, Vento 15th.

I sure am glad I stayed in this one town doing nothing for two weeks! Baldwin is probably discovering the ultimate power or whatever as we speak, but I can't think of any other way I could possibly have gotten my hands on fabric!


: "Thank you for your business! We get stuff in periodically, so please come again."

Yeah so I think that you're supposed to find out about this guy being here on this day by visiting every stronghold in every area you liberate until you find the rich lady from before, talk to him now and find out he comes back sometimes, and then keep checking to see if he's back again every day for a month until you find all the other stuff. Most people just read an FAQ, though.

At this point, you can stick around until nightfall again to find that he JUST SO HAPPENS to have gotten his hands on another Book of Meteor Strike. What are the odds??? Unfortunately he could tell that this time I wasn't lugging around a gigantic wallet full of 50,000 pieces of gold or whatever and told me to fuck off.

Harsh, dude.

The last thing on our Melphy shopping list arrives on the 21st, which is why I had to wait until day 19 of our visit. It's actually faster to pace around on the world map, but meh.

: "Here's today's special! A rapier used by an angel, the Needle of Light!"

I find it oddly suspect that this sword costs so much less than the Bolt of Silk, but I'm being terribly irresponsible with money today anyway so yeah hand it over

: "Thank you muchly! Come again soon!"

Shockingly enough, this sword is not a fake or a ripoff, it's an actual angelic sword, which we need to make any more Angel Knights because it's their default weapon.

Let's see what happens if we try to buy another one!

: "Sorry, my friend, but I'm fresh out. Try me again later."


With that I'm done. If I were to stick around until the 1st, I could buy myself an Altar of Resurrection, or if I stayed here for an entire additional month I could get another Needle of Light, but you guys have already seen those things and I'm fucking sick of this place.

Next up I have to go as far west as the game will let me, to Mount Ithaca. Yeah I know, I haven't actually done anything in the Eastern Region yet. Gimme a second.

Remember that old guy from forever ago who wanted us to find Condrite for him so he could make us fancy dragon armor? Time to go show him our cool rock!

This costs you no money and if you say no you're an idiot because Condrite serves no other purpose.

: "Okay, wait here for a while."

Luckily "a while" is represented by a two-second fade to black. I'd have gone straight into monitor-smashing mode if I had to sit here and do nothing for three days or whatever Biggoron-Sword shit after all the waiting around Melphy I had to do.

: "Here's the Dragon Armor. I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to forge Dragon Armor again."

No, thank you!

Hm. Quite a codpiece that Dragon Armor has built into it for some reason.

Now then, if you will recall, the guy who sent us on the Dragon Helm / Armor fetchquest lives in Mylesia. Let's go turn in our loot and get our quest rewards.

(also I'm going to make Troi visit his mother )

The Dragoon enthusiast guy lives in Idorf, if you'll recall.

"I'd recognize that codpiece anywhere!"

: "You'll need one more item to become a Dragoon. The item you need is called... the Sword of Tiamat. Unfortunately, no blacksmith in the kingdom is capable of forging a Sword of Tiamat. The skills necessary to forge it have been lost."

Awww Well, that's that, guess I'll just be off --

uh no i didnt actually ask

: "A sword as marvelous as the Sword of Tiamat should retain its quality even in there."

excuse me, in the what of who now?

: "The holy dragon, Grozz Nuy, is a god, and a devil at the same time. Grozz Nuy may be a god to the pure-minded; those with impure minds fear it. People are selfish. Those who try to acquire fame become its prey. Many Dragoons challenged Grozz Nuy for that reason. I'm sure many of them were eaten by him as well."

"obviously he would have just swallowed them whole complete with swords, so in conclusion go kill this god and then rummage around in its intestines until you find a sword, then you can call yourself by the name of this class which has fallen out of fashion"

: "...Where's Grozz Nuy? No one knows. Think about it. Nobody could know where a god can be found, right? Give up. Any information about it? Let me think... Wait a minute. I'm not sure if it's true, but I heard a rumor that the barkeep in Elaine saw him. The town of Elaine is on the Vert Plateau. Well, if that's all you have to go on, try it."

"Oh hey, you finally finished my fetch quest! Too bad to get the reward you'll need one of such-and-such a sword, and no one can make them anymore! GUESS YOU'RE SCREWED. No wait don't go I meant to say that there's a monster which may have eaten one at some point in time! But you can't find it anywhere even though I just said plenty of people, people that it is implied I knew personally, have challenged it. Of course you can't find A GOD DUHHHHH. You have NO HOPE. No wait! Don't leave me here, I meant to say I knew a guy in this random-ass town in a different region who knows where he is god i'm so lonely why won't my kids call me"

Naturally I couldn't drop by the area without having Troi go home for Shabbos dinner. His mother, she worries. good thing i remembered to give him back her shield

Moooooooooommm you're embarrassing me!

: "You're worried about me? Nah, I'm doing alright. Just do what makes you happy. And when the peace comes, come back with a pretty wife, okay?"


Honestly Troi's just lucky she's not trying to set him up herself.

Now then, I wonder what Troi's mom would say if I were to send in one of his friends to meet her! It's very important that they meet her approval, you know. You can't have your little boychick hanging around the wrong people!

uh wait

you're not troi's mom are you

: "Sunlight is a savage compared to the motherly comfort of the pale moonlight. Most humans think the night is for rest, but that shows your night blindness. The night is for action... It is for the time when the living and dead mingle... Many of the events that shape our world happen at night... while humans slumber, pleasantly ignorant of the real goings-on."

i wanna go home

: "Hmm... I see... It appears you may be eligible to join our ranks. Now, let me ask you a few questions. Answer honestly. If you answer well, I will give you an item that will allow you to become undead."

whatever you say just don't hurt me

Yes, it's quiz time. The questions and correct answers will vary depending on the time of day when you visit. Note that I completely forgot to check the time before coming in here and had to kind of wing it.

uh i dunno short-cut i guess

: "Question number two..."

You're kind of a jerk so I guess you'd want me to take sides??? I'm kind of guessing here Lestat.

: "Question number three... You've lost a battle, and your units have been wandering for some time."

Jesus I don't know, I've never lost a battle. Let's try the exploits one???

: "Final question. Think carefully before answering."

God just keep on pouring on the pressure, will you, REGIS


Let's try the eye contact one, too much smiling will make you look like a serial killer. Although I guess you are a vampire so maybe that's what you're going for?

"And we'll see the outcome after these short messages!"

: "I was mistaken about you..."


I checked afterward when I knew what time it was, and it turns out I was actually right on the money up until the question about foreigners. Turns out Lestat is very particular about prospective vampires knowing how important it is to smile at foreigners all the time.


yeah yeah yeah i've heard the spiel, let's move this along please


: "Use this, and become one of us."

Jeez are all vampires this dramatic?

The Bloody Emblem and the Count's Garment are all that's required to turn someone into a Vampire. They have to be a guy and can't be any more lawful than Neutral. You can get as many Bloody Emblems as you have characters that meet these criteria by sending them to Troi's hometown which inexplicably also contains a vampire, and winning his vampire quiz show. You've already heard what I thought about Vampires; right now I don't have the characters to spare to make a unit around one, but maybe eventually I will.

Next up, silk in tow, we're going back to Tenne Plains to get a pretty dress made because it's so very important that we keep up with the latest trends of fashionable Alba.

If you'll recall, the dressmaker lives in Billney, right near this ocean I had no recollection of.

Yeah, this guy is definitely on the cutting edge of fashion. Fur hats and utilikilts are all the rage in Paris this year.

: "I'll be happy to make a dress if you have material with you."

jeez fashion ain't cheap

: "Okay. Please wait here while I make the dress for you. I'll make it as soon as I can. ...Your measurements? Don't worry. I know just by looking at you."

"yeah i'm basically just a huge creep"
"plus we really didn't want to animate that"

One momentary fadeout later...

yeah i can totally see it and everything, it's incredibly visible

: "It's specially made to make you look like a princess."

Yeah, you can probably guess why I'm sending Meredia for this quest.

Next up we need to go to Muji, Gules Hills. The Melphy peddler wasn't available until our second time through Dardunelles, which is why I couldn't do any of that stuff until now, but still you'll probably have noticed this is the first time we've actually ventured INTO the Eastern Region this update.

"...the Volmus Mine, but I lost contact with her when Alba was liberated..."

Oh hey, it's a full-grown Indigan man. I guess they DO exist. This is our first time seeing one!

: "I sent lots of letters to her, but she hasn't responded. I'm really worried about her, especially with what's going on around here."

Yeah I dunno why you'd turn down beginning this sidequest, it's not exactly like you have a maximum number of active quests or anything.

: "Oh! Thank you very much. Her name is Selena."

Right. So we've got a first name, a (broadly defined) geographical region, and a probable hair color. LET THE INVESTIGATION BEGIN! ...In a little while. Gonna fuck around a little more in the East first.

Fair Heights is next. We're kind of inching forward.

First off, that old guy was totally talking out his ass because the town of Elaine where our mysterious dragon-loving bartender lives is actually in Fair Heights, not Vert Plateau. I guess they didn't want to totally screw you out of finishing this sidequest if you happened to pick Tremos Mountains instead.

Also I dispatched Dio and I'm sending him to Inze.

You see, Liedel is still in Dio's unit, and for some reason she gets a scene there. This Paladin was hanging around an empty church when who should he run into but Leidel Klein? goddamn that name still sounds so jewish

: "Yeah...!! You were in the Order of the Red Branch...!?"

: "So, you are alive!! I'm happy to know that. I didn't expect to see another survivor. ...Are you still fighting?"

(If you'll recall, Liedel's old outfit was ambushed by Ogres or turned into them or something I dunno what exactly.)

: "Yes, for those who died, for the revolution."

: "You're strong, Liedel. ...I'm laying down my sword. I fear the war... Maybe because I have a family to protect now. I'll be a father soon... Let me give you this. This is my... Red Branch..."

uh dude you said you were married are you sure that's appropriate
we're in a church right now too, that's kinda weird

: "...I don't need it any more."

Oh come on, marriage isn't THAT bad! ...Is it?

: "Please carry on for us."

Oh. He wasn't making a crude sexual innuendo, he was talking about giving us a weird hat he made with antlers or something. Okay, sure.

Meanwhile, Freddie is having a down-to-earth chat about a dragon god devil thing. The barkeep doesn't even stop washing that dish. It must be pretty dirty.

: "...It's been more than twenty years, when I was little. I was taken to Celesis, the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I didn't enjoy it there, so I went into the forest near the town of Pinnug, alone. That's when I saw him..."


: "The sky darkened suddenly... Why, I'm not sure. When I looked around, I noticed that I was in a place bathed in golden light with Grozz Nuy!! I was so scared I peed in my pants and passed out cold. ...When I woke up, I was at home in bed. My mother had found me lying in the snow."

"yeah i kind of wish she'd changed my pants first"

: "It wasn't a dream. Here's the proof... I found this beautiful scale in the forest before I saw him. It must be his. If you want to find him, take it. It might help."

uhh you really have no reason to want to give me that object you've been carrying your whole life for nothing in return, but thank you anyway for your inexplicable generosity!

: "I've always kept it as a good luck charm. But, I'll give it to you. I want to help the revolution. Be careful, though. He didn't do anything to me, but that may be because I was a child... You're going to slay him, right? It's not going to be easy."

yeah yeah yeah, and my HQ should have fallen in no time yesterday

We do have one thing to get in Vert Plateau. It is specific to Europea. Also some ground items I missed.

You're gonna want to send Europea up to the place where you found her. Now it WILL take approximately forever for her to get there, so you'll want to have something else to occupy your time. Like finding items!

Unfortunately it'll take Sheen a long time to get where I need him to go too. Well, if you'll excuse me, I've got some more sitting to do.


Ah, here it is. This is the thing I was really embarrassed to have forgotten about last time I came here. It's an accessory that boosts the fuck out of your Defense and all your elemental resistances, as well as increasing your level-up gains. Not too shabby.

On her way to that fort, Europea also found this scroll for me. This is the inverse of the Urn of Chaos and I have no idea why this is the first one I've gotten. You make people more Chaotic by making them stare into a pot until they go crazy; you make people more Lawful by basically making them read propaganda. Which is subsequently destroyed for some reason. yeah i dunno

Finally, because he had nothing else to do, I had Sheen get me this claw. It's a bit better than the Ninja Master's default weapon, but not as good as the Touelno which is Vad's default. Still good to have around.

When Europea finally gets to that fort, she meets this lady in a town that looks very little like a fort. (I guess it was nighttime or something? It's pretty dark.)

: "It's good to see you're doing well, Lady Europea. ...Did you come back here for this? I've kept it so no one could get their hands on it."

: "...Wonderful. I was expecting the worst. I had this with me when Archbishop Odiron found me. That is all I have of my past. Thank you very much."

: "No need to thank me. It wasn't much, really. I'll be praying for your success, Lady Europea."

The Starry Sky is a buckler notable for giving the wearer insane resistance to Dark-element attacks. It's a good match for Europea.


Before I go in, I'm going to change Troi into a Paladin and load him up with Bane-element gear. For no particular reason. He just looks cooler that way.

I'm sending him to Pinneg and Freddie to Banna Barra.

Hey. That guy's good-luck charm we stole is floating.

...and... glowing.


The dragon god Grozz Nuy has found Troi and I think he wants some TP for his bunghole or something! </ancientMTVreference>


: "Raaaar I'm a dragon and stuff"

So yeah, at this point the leader of whatever unit you decided to investigate Pinneg with is forced into a one-on-one battle with a God. It's training-style -- no Pedras, and the fight goes on until someone's dead. I switched Troi to being a Paladin so he could benefit from three attacks, and gave him Bane gear because Grozz Nuy is pretty Virtue-themed.

His physical attacks aren't so bad, but you'll be missing him a lot. Or at least Troi did. Curse his fumbling Cataphract fingers!

He also likes attacking with Sacred Breath sometimes. Good thing I gave Troi that hat!

Uh oh now I have critted him into the back row and I have no idea what he's going to do


wait, that wasn't so bad

Okay nevermind!

Grozz Nuy is kind of intimidating, but he has a big problem in that he only gets one attack for every battle's worth of turns. Just make sure you send in someone with three attacks and you'll whittle him down in no time. God help you if you didn't know about the one-on-one part and sent in a unit led by a Priest or something.

Shut up and die so I can carve you open and root around in your stomach.

Grozz Nuy raises its head, growls piteously (that and the roar earlier are used here and here alone), and then falls again. That's universal drama-speak for one dead dragon.


Meanwhile in Banna Barra Freddie has a run-in with some girl.



And now, back to the Southern Region! First we have to find that guy's daughter in Volmus Mine, Volmus Mine for some reason.

Yeah, Volmus Mine is pretty much the beating heart of Volmus Mine.

: "Girls these days are so swift to jump on an opportunity... You liberated Wentinus, right? She went to Mount Ithaca and found work in a tavern, where she could make more money. She should've thought about the consequences of going to an unsettled area, alone. What if something happens to her? Her safety must be more important than the money."


Oh, she's gonna get a lecture when I find her. Not about her personal safety or any of that junk, no, I'm just pissed off I had to go all over the map TWICE. yeah yeah, better planning, shut up

So here I am back in Mount Ithaca. Not that you'd have any way of knowing this if you didn't use a guide, but the girl's in the (thankfully close-by) stronghold of Cactovich.


The screen fades to black, theoretically because you're explaining everything / yelling at her for being an inconvenience to pretty much everybody MYSELF INCLUDED THANK YOU.

The next morning or something:

: "I was just trying to help my father, but it seems that I've made him worry. I would like to thank you somehow... Oh! Here! Please take this."

: "It may be worth a lot."

oh hey, that's

Yup. The Pedra of Virtue comes to you without needing to give up a Hellhound or anything, even if you DO have to go all over the goddamn place to find it.

Now then, if we examine the creepy letter that girl gave us, it seems to be telling us to go to somewhere in the Zenobian Border to get some kind of ring or something. Sure, sounds like a fun time. Let's go!

Again you have no way of knowing that the tavern in question is in Quelluan, but it is.


Okay then! This isn't QUITE as creepy as the vampire thing was since this is at least in a tavern rather than a creepy attic. Sure, bring it on.

: "I am the Keeper of Dark Knowledge. I'm here to give you this ring..."

: "Where there's light, there'll always be darkness. Even the greatest leader will have a shadow underfoot. Is your light strong enough to repel the shadows that crawl upon you? Hee hee hee... Well, never mind that. This ring is sought by many heroes. ...It increases its wearer's magical power by sapping their spirit... It's called the Ring of the Dead. Heroes of yore may have used it... But that's none of your concern. Freddie, it is your willpower that matters... I have been tasked to give this to you... Whether you use it or not, is up to you. Hee hee hee..."

Well, this entire exercise was incredibly creepy, but it gave me another Ring of the Dead -- the only one we'll be able to get since we went to Vert rather than Tremos -- so I don't mind too much. Loot is ALWAYS nice to have.

Speaking of Tremos Mountains, let's go back there for a second!

While I was walking there, Freddie turned 21. The party had the same cast of characters as last year, and the present was a Goblet of Destiny. Hooray I guess.

Here in Tremos is the first place you're able to find Baldr Golems in the wild. Troi continued to win my heart by doing so immediately. Yeah, I don't think I'm ever going to see a Wind/Fire combo from the AI. Time to just catch some new ones.

You've already heard my whole song and dance about how hunting for neutral encounters is literal hell -- like, after half an hour of it I looked up and I was surrounded by flames and snakes and there was a dude with horns threatening to stab me with a pitchfork if I didn't keep hunting. You've heard me say stuff like that before. So let's just skip ahead to when I found another one and be done with it.

Yep, completely done with oh hey what

Huh. Guess we found this dead guy wandering around in the mountains for some reason? Sure, why not. vv Welcome back, Biske!

(NOTE: no you can't catch Biske in the wild. I cheated.)

ANYWAY. We've come to the point in the update now where I get to retire to the Organize Screen to actually USE all this cool crap I've just collected. For example, I can now make a Dragoon. The Dragoon is the epitome of the heroic knight archetype -- a noble dragonslayer, clad in brilliant brass armor and heralded by like really long-necked bugles and shit with like tapestries hanging from them. Obviously I'm going to select the bravest, noblest warrior I have at my disposal.

Who could I choose but Troi?

Troi got to keep his armor and the Ogre Helm, but as a Dragoon he's going to be wielding a Greatsword with one hand, so he had to give up the Evil Blade. As a replacement I gave him the Chaladholg. No big deal.

...I just noticed he can't actually wear a shield anymore. Sorry, Mrs T.

Tallgeese made a request regarding the ultimate fate of his character a long time ago. Because of my particular habits (specifically being crazy about combo magic) I decided to switch him into Leia's unit first.

Basically since we now have another Ring of the Dead we can turn him into a Lich. Since this technically involves him being dead or something, he can't turn back, but that's really really okay in this instance because Liches are objectively awesome. You'll see why in a second.

Two notable things about this screenshot: for one thing, notice he's getting the Book of Meteor Strike I just blew my life savings on. For another thing, note how many times he gets to cast a spell from the back row.

Yup. The Lich gets three spells. If we'd gone to Tremos I'd have been able to turn Bluemage into a Lich too and we'd get three combo magics per battle, but as it is three Meteor Strikes per battle will be pretty damn good.

Out with the old. Equius and MaskedHuzah served me well, but time marches on and they're obsolete. I've gotta keep up with the march of technology, and that means Baldr Golems.

Katreda gets some much-needed additional melee punch with the addition of Debonair, and Biske is a new friend for Asnabel!

Debonair is a General, which in this instance means he can lead a Legion if you really want him to and he can never change his sword or his tunic. He can change his armor, but the armor he comes with is better than anything I have anyway.

(Also, I gave Biske his sword back. It's only fair!)

It would be outright criminal of me, though, to let Cucka and Boudica go to waste. Yeah, it's about time I finally made a damn Dragon unit.

"The White Dragon" doesn't quite fit into the name field, so this will have to do. And yeah, a future Ahzi Dahaka couldn't have any better name than Ozzie.

And I'm using Cucka's recent availability to finally create that Beast unit I've been eyeing forever. Fuzzums II and Mary Jane are useful at last!

So yeah uh remember the Blood Whip? This is its item description. ...Yeah. Well, it's being put to better use now!

I'm still kind of neutral toward Banish, but it is definitely strictly better than the back-row action Sheen had going on before, so Spearow is being retired!

Blah blah blah give people their unique items blah. I'd be a huge douche if I gave the Starry Sky to anyone but Europea. The Red Branch boosts Liedel's DEX considerably, which is a good trait to have in an item for an archer.

Let's see, what else? Uhh I had this hammer lying around, and Boudica needs a sweet rapier.

Meredia and Rose get some new clothes...

Marty gets some new claws, and Asnabel has a new hammer and a pretty rock.

Since it's been a LONG while and my army is sufficiently different now, time for a Generic Army rundown!

Freddie (Vanguard)
Robert (Paladin)
Zemeckis (Paladin)
Reynolds (Priest)
Panic (Siren)

Troi (Dragoon)
Meister (Paladin)
Doreauxgard (Paladin)
Bluemage (Archmage)
Lime (Siren)

Asnabel (Black Knight)
Swift (Black Knight)
Biske (Lycanthrope/Werewolf)
Sexwale (Archmage)
Saradin (Warlock)

Dio (Warrior)
Karkat (Paladin)
Ferdinando (Sword Master)
MacLeod (Sword Master)
Liedel (Diana)

Meredia (Siren)
Rose (Siren)
Ivory (Dragon Master)
Hypatia (Dragon Master)
Marty (Ninja Master)

Unit 6: LEIA
Leia (Rune Knight)
Vad (Grappler)
Fel (Dragon Master)
Aisha (Priest)
Tallgeese (Lich)

Unit 7: GUY
Guy (Enchanter)
Poryksaw (Baldr Golem) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!
Promioth (Baldr Golem) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!

Katreda (Priest)
Debonair (General)
Comet (Dragon Master) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!
Apple (Pumpkinhead)
Banana (Pumpkinhead)

Unit 9: SHEEN
Sheen (Raven)
Brundlefly (Raven)
Pidgey (Vultan)
Harvey (Vultan)
Saleen (Angel Knight) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!

Ankiseth (Solidblade)
TurosKensei (Cataphract) (That could be subject to change if you'd like, Turos)
Mehuyael (Cataphract) (ditto, but I am NOT making you undead :colbert:)
Donna (Diana)
Hippolyta (Diana)

Europea (Centurion)
Spencer (Paladin) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!
Rhatt (Paladin) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!
Eileen (Diana) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!
Butterfly (Diana) <-------STILL RENAMABLE!

Boudica (Dragon Master)
TheWhitDrgn (Platinum Dragon)
Ozzie (Earth Dragon)

Cucka (Beast Master)
Fuzzums II (Hellhound)
Mary Jane (Cockatrice)

OKAY. I think that's about everything! Now that I've gone to all this considerable effort to get myself a super-pimped-out army, next time it's about time to actually use it! TEMPLE OF BERTHE SHOWDOWN. GET EXCITED.