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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

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Original Thread: Join the rebellion! It's time to play some Ogre Battle! [56k no]



Alright, I checked all 20-some pages of Games, and the only thread related to this game was some short little question thing, and I'm pretty positive I didn't see a Let's Play on it before that, so...


Here's what you gotta do:
Create Our Leader
Claim a Character
Help Make Decisions

And here are some general guidelines:

FIRST AND FOREMOST: PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST. I know it's long and wordy, but for this thread to work, we're gonna need some amount of organization, and I simply can't bothered to accomodate people who won't read.

Ogre Battle only allows you to name one character, the Opinion Leader. I will take some suggestions as to what it should be, and whether the Opinion Leader should be male or female. The best/funniest/most popular name wins. There is an 8-character limit. I will give details to the character creation process at the end of this post.

I will allow people to claim characters. Major characters, minor characters, whatever, EXCEPT FOR THE OPINION LEADER. The Opinion Leader is to be shared by everyone; more on this later. You won't get to decide your character's name, but you can make the decision on how they develop. Want to make Warren a paladin? Well it'll be difficult, but I'll see what I can do. Want an amazon that happens to have your girlfriend's name built up to a hot-ass muse? That's a bit easier to do, just say the word once I get my army.

If you are unfamiliar with the character classes, or just want to look at some neat info on the game, I would recommend visiting THIS SITE. Of course, if anyone else has any other handy links, they are welcome to share.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT CLAIM CHARACTERS UNTIL I POST THE INITIAL ARMY LIST. If someone says "gimme a samurai named jack!!!" not only can I not guarantee you a samurai right off the bat, but there's a very LOW chance he'll be named Jack. Remember, anyone who is not a major character has a randomly generated name, which CANNOT be changed. So if you want someone with a cool name, wait until I post the list, and you can choose the coolest name of the bunch. This will be immediately after beating the first stage of the game, Warren's Castle, probably in the first update after the character creation is finished.

There are many decisions a warlord must make. To forgive, or to execute? To help others, or to ignore them?

These things will be decided by you, soldiers. Anytime a decision must be made, I will post a screenshot of the options, and take a short break. Whichever is the most popular option by the time I return, is what will be done. I have decided to go with this method as opposed to first-come, first-serve because I would rather not have one person sniping all the decisions. We are a democracy here, not a dictatorship... for now.

This same method will be used in the character creation process of our Opinion Leader. Hopefully enough people will see this thread and be interested enough right away to make this go a bit faster than in-game decisions, so we can get started with our war.

I will be playing on ZSNES, using its screen capture feature to get images. Thanks to Lakitu7 and his infinite wisdom, I am now able to convert them to JPGs without them turning into ugly shit. Thanks, Lakitu7!

Also, feel free to ask any questions, in case I left something out or didn't make myself quite clear. Okay? Okay.

Enough talk, let's start a revolution!

Why are we going to war? Educate yourself with some backstory.

The Mage Rashidi...

Rockin'. So we've got our motivation, but who is going to lead us on our crusade? Let's ask this old guy.

One of the fun parts of Ogre Battle is finding all the spelling and grammatical errors.

So... what'll it be? I'm going to get myself something to eat now. There'd better be some damn good suggestions when I get back! Remember, 8 character limit. And you're not clever for suggesting "Fireseal" or "Music/on"

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