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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 1

Stage 1: The Castle of Warren.

There really isn't much here, it's just the introductory stage. Nothing of interest to see, except maybe...

Lans! Our first recruit! Let us listen to his heroic words.

He's so dreamy. Anyway, now we must prove ourselves to Warren!

Bring it on, geezer.

So yeah, I kick his ass pretty easily, no need to waste your time with that.

After that, we chill out at Warren's place, and watch some fireworks.

*ALL NEW EDIT* Here is my "strategy" for this stage. It is a 7-step process that goes like this:

1. Get treasure on island.
2. Liberate town.
3. Liberate town, get Lans.
4. Liberate temple.
5. Walk into the middle of the ocean, after going down the bridge (DO NOT GO STRAIGHT FROM THE TEMPLE, THE UNIT WILL TRY TO PASS THROUGH WARREN'S CASTLE).
6. Get treasure SW of Warren's Castle.
7. Storm the castle from behind.

Of course, my friends, what this all leads up to... is this. Our hero's loyal followers. Our devoted fans. Our ARMY!

Alright boys and girls, you finally get to choose your characters. Please limit 1 character per person for now, let's keep things simple for the time being. I don't expect, nor do I really want, to use every single character I've got right now (who the hell fights with an octopus anyway?), so don't worry about filling up all the spaces.

SOME NOTES: If you want a class that is not currently in the army, but can be made by upgrading fighter/amazon, I would suggest claiming one of the available characters, and stating that you would like them to become X class.

Remember, I CANNOT change any characters' names. Sorry, I am not a hacker in any way.

Major characters MAY be claimed. So if anyone wants Lars or Warren, go ahead. The only character you MAY NOT claim is Laharl. Our great leader follows no orders, he gives them!

Character claims are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the character you wanted is already claimed, too bad. I don't want to see any bickering over who gets who; there are plenty of troops to choose from, and each character of the same class is pretty much the same anyway.

I will also take suggestions for unit formations. Unit requests for characters will also be considered (I can't make everyone a flying unit just yet, but if someone REALLY wants it, I'll pair them with a Gryphon.)

And now, without furter ado, THE INITIAL ARMY LIST.

1. Laharl, lvl 2 -- Lord
Merry, lvl 2 -- Valkyrie
Repree, lvl 2 -- Cleric
Grynpus, lvl 2 -- Gryphon

2. Lans, lvl 4 (octobernight) -- Knight -> Beast Man/Wild Man -> Evil One
Geist, lvl 4 (WildMango) -- Wizard
Hector, lvl 3 (A.S.H.) -- Wizard
Gerranna, lvl 4 (TheFonz) -- Hellhound

3. Warren, lvl 4 -- Wizard
Carmine, lvl 2 -- Fighter
William, lvl 2 -- Fighter
Deedh, lvl 4 (Nudger) -- Hellhound

4. Lemon, lvl 2 (Tithin Melias) -- Cleric
Jenny, lvl 2 (T-C47) -- Amazon -> Princess/Valk -> Muse
Sophia, lvl 2 -- Amazon
Uranus, lvl 2 (MoodyAllen) -- Golem

5. Rush, lvl 3 (Rixen) -- Knight -> Paladin
Bogy, lvl 2 (Cowcaster) -- Fighter -> Samurai -> Master
Heimer, lvl 3 -- Fighter
Swadda, lvl 2 -- Gryphon

6. Ayla, lvl 3 (mythadile) -- Valkyrie -> Muse
Sara, lvl 2 (murklins)-- Amazon -> Cleric -> Shaman -> Monk/Muse
Seyla, lvl 2 -- Amazon
Antonio, lvl 2 (Spikey) -- Fighter -> Ninja -> Master
Zelig, lvl 2 -- Fighter

7. Needham, lvl 4 (Majik Ninja) -- Wizard -> Mage -> Sorcerer -> Lich
Violette, lvl 3 (Turpitude) -- Witch
Mort, lvl 3 (PokerJack) -- Fighter -> Doll Mage -> Master
Straw, lvl 3 (ClothHat) -- Fighter -> Ninja -> Master
Leopold, lvl 3 -- Fighter

Victor, lvl 4 (TheUnforgiven) -- Fighter -> Knight -> Paladin
Bikke, lvl 2 (moobear) -- Fighter -> ?
Lenox, lvl 2 (E. Revenant) -- Amazon -> Cleric
Parker, lvl 3 (Centurion) -- Knight

Marco, lvl 2 -- Fighter
Junich, lvl 2 -- Fighter
Zemekkis, lvl 2 -- Fighter
Breed, lvl 2 -- Fighter
Serget, lvl 4 -- Fighter

Sheeta, lvl 2 -- Amazon
Miriam, lvl 2 -- Amazon
Marge, lvl 2 -- Amazon
Mangella, lvl 2 -- Amazon

Elliot, lvl 2 -- Wizard
Kazan, lvl 3 -- Wizard

Brooke, lvl 2 -- Cleric
Victoria, lvl 3 -- Cleric

Eupemos, lvl 2 -- Hellhound

Acios, lvl 2 -- Octopus
Ecohe, lvl 2 -- Octopus

And there you are! It's late here, so I need to get to bed soon. That's good news for you, you'll have plenty of time to claim a character. Again, if there are any questions on how to join the rebellion, feel free to ask. If you're curious about a particular character's stats, or which ones have the strongest of a particular stat, I can answer that tomorrow before we start Stage 2 as well.

Oh, I almost forgot... New Equipment!
Thunder Whip: Str +6, Thunder attack
Power Shield: Phys +19, Fire -12, Cold -15
Thunder Club (Gloves): Phys +3, Thunder +4

Equipment claims are also first-come, first-serve.