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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 2

octobernight posted:

That's fine. Eventually, one ali permits, change him into a beastman->wildman->evil one. I love this game so much. Are you going to be playing for the Emperor ending or the Hanged Man?

It's gonna be a bitch to get him there, so far he's just been gaining ALI. Hopefully once I overlevel him a bit and get him fighting something other than Wizards he'll start to lean toward the Dark Side.

I'm going for whatever ending you guys lead me to.

Scene 2: Rally

A beautiful landscape, a great glittering bay to the north, and grand mountains to the south. A scene definitely worth taking in except... this is our first real battle!

We begin by shopping for supplies.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of

A temple is liberated, and its priests find themselves obligated to reward us by telling their backstory.

Whine, whine, whine. Really, what religion hasn't had their share of persecution? They can only come out of this stronger than ever!

This other temple priest gave us a nice 'Star of Heroes.'

Needham's unit enjoys the glory of the war's first skirmish.

They managed to kill that poor old man's dog and the old man himself crippled at 8hp in one round. What a bunch of ruthless bullies.

This, my friends, is what a true hero looks like. Manly, and dark as cocoa. Not like that girly, pasty thing we found by GISing 'Laharl.'

Here we find a whiny hippie bitch, protesting the war. SHE DOESN'T LOVE ZENOBIA!

This is more or less what I did, it may not be completely accurate as to which unit did what, but it would all have pretty much the same effect either way.

Laharl (red) liberates the first town, then hops over to the island to grab a treasure, then hops onto another island to block any enemies that might try to go for my base. Rush goes to the temple to get the Herostar, then flies to liberate the town on the island, then parks east of the enemy base to assist Laharl in intercepting potential base-nabbers. Lemon liberates the temple south of Laharl's treasure, then sits on the town south of the enemy base. Needham and Warren help fight off the enemies there. Ayla liberates the town SW of our base, goes all the way over to liberate the far western town, then comes back to help out clean up the enemy units.

Needham and Lemon's units see most of the action, but everyone else gets a taste for blood too. Battle spoils include a BEAST (Mystery Egg), and DRAGOS (Stone of Dragos, good for turning Beast Masters into Dragoners. So if anyone wants a Dragoner, consider claiming a Beastman).

The deployed units huddle to discuss their strategy for defeating the boss.

It is decided that Lans' unit will go for the kill. Come daybreak, he strikes!

But what's this? A conversation?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Less talk, more KILL!

Usar is defeated easily with his poor unit formation.

Afterwards, we return to the Borders of Sharom to visit the newly liberated cities. We encounter a mysterious fellow named Badista. It seems he wishes a favor from us.

He promised a reward, too! I hope it's candy.

And that's it for Stage 2. No new characters, so the Initial Army List will stay up as the current one, but edited for new claims and Exp. Level changes.

Here's our New Equipment:

Snow Orb (armor) - Int +11, Fire -8, Ice +14

Anyone who wants to claim a character may still do so, as well as claim the Snow Orb for their character.