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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 3

PokerJack posted:

Cool I saw some action ! Will Mort be a bitch to get as a doll mage? I forgot there was some stats requirment and probably a ali requirment too. Its been a long time since I played this and I never finished it.

It's just an Ali+Cha requirement, and so far Mort's looking pretty good to be a Doll Mage. So far the only guys I'm having trouble getting their correct Ali specs is Lans and the two Fighter-Ninja. Lans is already at Ali 75 (even after overleveling and killing high-Ali enemies), but Straw and Antonio are just a little bit above where they should be. They've got plenty of time though, since one can't become a Ninja until Lvl 6 anyway. My main worry with leveling them is the fact that they're grouped with Wizards, and I've had a lot of trouble in the past with having Wizards' Ali drop too fast before I can upgrade them to Mage.

TheUnforgiven posted:

Are you gonna eventually start using all of the people who claimed chars if they stay active or do you eventually get to deploy more units as the game progresses?

And I just read the little thing about Victor. So its cool.

Yeah, you can deploy more units than I have at the moment, I just wanted to start off small since you do get a fuckton of characters as the game progresses. And in case you're wondering, Victor is sitting out this next stage, but I should be able to fit him in the next one. I'm really just waiting for everyone's levels to balance out is all.

Scene 3: Revolution

Our main goal here, besides killing the bad guys of course, is gaining a few levels so we can start upgrading our weenie troops. While we're at it, why not liberate some towns, too?

People don't suddenly "change." Something foul must be afoot! We must investigate further. :sherlock:

Could this Canopus character be of any importance?

Gee… just what I always wanted? Who said we were poor, anyway. <>

So we find this Canopus guy, and what a nice guy he is! He greets us with what he thinks is an insult, but the joke's on him, because we're mighty, proud WARRIORS!

Good question, Birdman. Troops! What are we fighting for?

None of the above?

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