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Part 4

Tithin Melias posted:

We demand justice!

So lemon the cloeric, what are her stats, and what can she be promoted to?

Lemon's current stats: Lvl 4, Max HP 103, Str 47, Agi 59, Int 66, Cha 62, Ali 67, Luk 49.

Clerics can be upgraded to Shamans at level 10, which gain an extra heal spell in addition to stat boosts, who then can be upgraded to Monks at level 18, gaining Healing+, which heals the entire unit. If you'd rather be an attacker than a healer, you can always switch to Valkyrie once you reach level 5, but your Ali is just a smidge high to become a Witch. (One thing I don't like about this game is the limited class options for women. When is this, the middle ages? )

Anyway, update!

Stage 3, Continued

When we last saw our heroes, they had met with the winged man Canopus, who asked them, "What are you fighting for?" Our answer was JUSTICE! Here's what happened next:

Oh. Well then.

Feeling totally discouraged by Canopus' verbal beatdown, Lemon's, Ayla's, Needham's, and Laharl's units clean up the remaining enemy troops. They turn in to the town nearest the enemy base to recuperate when they hear something interesting…

A sister, eh…?

*ALL NEW EDIT* Tactician's commentary. Again, more or less accurate, any potential errors are moot.

Laharl takes the east side of the map, taking a kind of J-shaped path. Lemon goes down the right side, and sits on the town NE of the enemy base. She, Ayla, Warren, and Needham all fight here, blocking the enemy from going further north, and gradually advancing toward their base. Rush flies to the NW continent, liberates the temple and the town with Canopus, then flies south to join in on the fighting. Treasure-hunting and liberating Yulia's temple are put off until all enemy units are defeated.

Looking for some fine feathery ass, Laharl sets out to see Yulia while Rush's unit goes treasure hunting.

What say you, soldiers? Should we help reunite two dear friends, or tell this bitch to fuck off for not putting out?