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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 6

Stage 3, Continued

After welcoming Canopus into the ranks of the Rebellion, Laharl crosses the northern mountain range to reach the swamp, where buried treasure lies. On the mountaintops, his unit encounters a wild Gryphon.

Efforts to befriend it fail, so instead the group kills it for its delicious meat and valuable pelt.

Just to be funny, Canopus is deployed to take out Gilbert. Nothing interesting comes of it, though.

Of course, Canopus is just that, a can o' puss. He and his unit barely scratch Gilbert, so the wizards are sent in to finish the job.

How touching. *sniff, sniff*

Well… I suppose he did what he felt was right… but then again, he bent over and allowed himself to be the Empire's bitch. Should we forgive him?

After this vote I'll post the updated Army List, then turn in for the night. Thanks for playing, everyone, and I'll see you all again tomorrow!