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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 8

Stage 4, continued

We agree to join Sirius in fighting the Empire, and he tells us to meet his boss at the castle when night falls. "The People," don't seem to like this, and start talking shit about us behind our backs. Well fuck them, they still have to pay tribute.

Before we head out to do that though, our army fights more enemy troops, gaining much of the experience needed for promotions. In hopes of becoming more evil to become proper Ninja, Antonio and Straw are promoted to Wizards (of course their unit leader, Lans, continues to gain Ali, despite being now two levels over, and killing many Clerics). Bogy, the future Samurai, is promoted to Knight to keep his Ali high (Samurai are all about honor and all that, you see). Sara and the secretly-male Lenox are both promoted to Clerics, while Mort and his unit-mate Leopold become Doll Mages.

*ALL NEW EDIT* Tactician's commentary!

Lemon liberates the town NE of our base, then moves on to the town closest to the enemy base. Warren guards the first town, as there are a few swimmers and flyers who will try to recapture it; Needham guards the second. Canopus (green) liberates the two places furthest to the NW. Then he stands by as backup in case the units fighting off the enemy get into trouble. He does not fight much since he is a bit higher level than the other units. Ayla liberates the town south of Canopus' first stop, then goes in to meet everyone else and fight the enemy. Lans (gray) does a bit of fighting here, too. All treasure and towns/temples on the east side of the map are left alone until all enemy units are defeated. I believe Laharl sat at base, then finished liberating and treasure-hunting with Rush, who I forgot to mark on this image and who probably did some fighting as well.

Needham's unit encounters a neutral monster in the lake!

Meet Niove, the level 5 Octopus!

Canopus' unit finds some buried treasure.

Laharl's unit discovers a temple hidden between the mountains. There they learn something astonishing:

We've been duped! That Sirius isn't our friend after all! The temple priest gives us a Rune Axe, endowed with the power of Light, to fight the werewolf off.

On the way back to town, Laharl's unit runs into a wild beast in the mountains!

Why, it is just a man, or is it…?

Meet Brute, the level 5 Werewolf!

We meet Sirius' boss (who is in fact Sirius himself) at our scheduled time.

Being the pal that he is, he gives us some tips on how to score chicks.

But then he turns on us! That fucker!

No worries, I sneakily equipped Laharl's Gryphon with the Rune Axe just for this fight.

Laharl decides to visit Lake Jannenia after defeating Sirius.

Looks like this guy was just as clueless as we were. vv


That's the price you pay for expecting us to do hero work for free, eh?

Coming up: A totally revamped Army List and New Equipment! Stay tuned!