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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 13

Goodly, assuming Gilbert can stay neutral enough to make Beast Master so we can use the Stone of Dragos on him.

Scene 7: Days Long Gone

Our army reaches the Slums of Zenobia, only to find that the city is surrounded by a gigantic wall! Only flying units may pass, and the enemy throws many at us. But Gilbert, Jenny, Sara, and Lans manage to fight them off with the assistance of the others. There seem to be less enemy troops here than usual… very strange indeed.

We learn a bit about the boss of this area upon liberating the towns.

Sounds tough. Let's find out more…

Sounds cool. Wish I could meet him.

A nicely set up blockade prevents the enemy from advancing to our base.

Hooray, termites! Now we can bust the walls down instead of having to fly over them!

After defeating the unusually small number of enemies, we do some treasure hunting and liberating of towns. In one walled area we find this man…

Shall we welcome a new friend?

And while we're at it, should we knock the walls down, or should we fly over them and take the enemy by surprise? (The only unit that could use extra levels is Gilbert, and that's just because his Ali is a tad high at the moment.)