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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 17

Cowcaster posted:

Don't worry Gryphons make great emergency food supplies during hard times.

But Cockatrices will turn you to stone if you eat them! Don't try carrying its corpse without gloves on, either!

Stage 8, the Conclusion

The Shaman Aisha is welcomed into the group, and the army fights such manly men as Michelle.

Someone made a pre-emptive call for Pizza near the beginning of the thread? Well here you go, a Mage named Pizza, all for you. Unfortunately, he was among the first to die.

Apparently Canopus' sister has traded the sky for the sea.

Octopi vs. Octopi. Tentacle vs. Tentacle. WHO WILL WIN?


Princess Jenny: Ghostbuster!

*ALL NEW EDIT* More psuedo-strategizing!

As you can see, another blockade. Lemon (yellow) had a great position close to the base, where Mermaids and stuff actually came out to get their asses kicked. Jenny (fuschia) kept mostly to the temple where we found Aisha, but moved around a little bit to chase bad ghosts. Needham, Rivera, Victor, and Lans formed the actual blockade, while Lenox, Mort, Bogy, and an apparent extra blue dot defended the towns immediately surrounding the enemy base.

After much leveling, and much defending of towns, and finding treasures, and all that good stuff, Aisha comes face to face with the man who killed her mother.

With the help of a single Emperor card (we had like 5 of them saved up), Gares is defeated in a single battle.

To… where? Paris? Disneyland? Oh oh! How about Antartica? I love penguins, they're so adorable!

The next day…

Could Borgnine be of any assistance to us? Does he know Aisha? Do we have the reputation to find out?

Guess he won't be finding out from us, huh?

Coming up: yet another completely revamped Army List (now that the levels are just about balanced out, we can get hopefully permanent groups together!), and New Equipment List. I will tell you right now the following: Needham has been promoted to become our very first Mage! And now that we have TWO undead rings, he can become a super-lich! Our two Imps, Rivera and his buddy Cook, are now Demons! Aisha came with a pair of Mermaids and another pair of Knights, and with the crowning of Jenny, I have taken the initiative to hire a few Angels! Faeries are also available if we like.