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by Cats Meow

Part 21

WildMango posted:

Is the demon ring useful to Geist? If so, I would like to claim it.

Check a few posts above, it's already been claimed. The Ring of Protection would be handy though, as it protects against White magic, which Mages are weak against.

Some stuff!

Gee, it certainly couldn't have anything to do with killing the Rebels. No sir. Not a chance.

No freedom to reproduce? Now, there is no mention of birth control in Zenobia... does that mean... NO SEX? Now they've gone TOO FAR!

A humble one, eh? This guy collects Sentoul Demons. He first offers to buy it off us for 10,000 Goth. But why sell when you can TRADE?

...But uh, it looks like I fucked up when taking the screenshots, and didn't get one when he offered the Undead Staff, and I've already saved it since then. Oh well, we still got one. Lich, lich, liiiiich! He'll also trade for a Stone of Dragos, if for some crazy reason we don't want an Undead Staff. So maybe if we get a couple more Sentoul Demons we can have two Liches and two Dragoners.

You may recognize the name Borgnine as the one attributed to the man who was looking for the High Monk Forris. I sent Aisha to see if anything interesting would happen, but nothing did. He didn't even come out. Maybe he'll only talk to people with Sentoul Demons.

We can also buy the Golden Bough here for 50,000 Goth. Remember, we promised Deneb, but we can put it off. I don't think it makes a difference to our Rep either way. Take a look at our Rep bar, by the way, see how high it's gotten.