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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 22

Scene 10: Legend

Aside from the sword Brunhild, there really isn't much to see in the Kastolation Sea. Well, I suppose there're mermaids. Apparently if you eat one, you'll attain immortality! I bet it tastes just like tuna, too. Mmm… delicious mermaid sandwich. Ahem. Anyway, I guess the mermaids are all pissed off that they've been hunted and that man is polluting the ocean and blah blah blah, so they've joined up with the Empire as an excuse to commit some genocide. FIGHT IT OUT, FISH BITCHES!

Oh no, the marine life has turned against itself!

This enemy unit seems to be a bit of a mismatch, no?

And just what the fuck is this unit doing in the middle of the sea?

And this unit?

And this unit?!?!

Suffice it to say this unit suffered a horrible, agonizing demise.

Mango… MANGO!!!! (cue "Missing")

So yeah, remember that little girl we helped out in Diaspola? And the whole letting Norn live thing? Well, they really helped us out because… well, see for yourself.

Now that the important things are taken care of, I guess it's time to go finish the stage.

I can smell your… fin…

And we can't let you stand in the way of a world full of delicious mermaid sandwiches!

Somebody leave the AC on?

I'm sure they'll LOVE this!

After Laharl, Sara, Jenny, and Geist all fail to beat the boss, supergroup Rend and Tear come in to…

…leave one goddamned hit point. Jesus Christ. Laharl fixes Porky up with one last Iainuki, and then all of Zenobia is restored their right to eat delicious mermaid sandwiches. The end.


PPS, There was no treasure on this map, and all we got for characters were a couple more Octopi that we don't really have a use for.

Edit: Oh wait, we did get a couple things from the Temple. Brunhild belongs to Laharl because it is his sword, it is the hero's sword, and he is the hero. He will use Brunhild to teach you JUSTICE if you argue. But we do have a Dragon Spear, Str +7, Phys Attack.