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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 26

Spikey posted:

I always saw it as more of a "looking at something really far away."

Or maybe it's "shielding her eyes from the bright sun."

Saradin joins our cause, and Laharl grabs a few more treasures before Saradin faces off with his former friend.


Oh what the fuck is this unit shit. Two Rockgolems? Fuck, Saradin, why don't you just pull up your robe and bend over for him?

Well since he FAILED to kill Albeleo the first time around, Mort got a chance to beat him down. He got to hear Al's generic speech:

Mort's unit didn't manage to beat Al, but they weakened him enough so Saradin could properly finish him off (after protecting those damn wussy golems with a World card). Hooray! Fireworks! Bonus goth money!

Coming up: Slightly updated Army List, and possibly interesting things from the return to Balmoria (if there is anything interesting that is)!