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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 28

Alright, you are now Moira the Cockatrice, in with Warren's unit (who is next in line to be a Lich). Army List updated, I have equipped all the unclaimed items and will begin the next stage, Valley of Kastro, now.

Edit: Might as well use this post for the update.

Scene 13: Thunderstorm

In the Valley of Kastro, we see the game's first desert. Not only do we have to fight the Empire here, but sandstorms too! Desert stages are such a pain.

Having sand in their eyes doesn't affect the villagers, so they're able to tell us what we can expect here.

A giant scorpion woman! This is going to be fun.

An assassin woman! This is going to be loads of fun.

An assassin who's killed 20 people! Oh, boy!

Not too much has happened yet when Bogy finds this chick hanging around a temple.

I was under the impression we were out to kick the Empire's ass anyway… but hey, who said we couldn't change our mind? vv