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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

by Cats Meow

Part 32

Scene 16: The Prince






No. No. This simply won't do at all.

Hooray, no walls!

Here's the first "strategic" image; It's not very apparent at the point the screenshot was taken, but we're pretty much liberating the nearest towns while Laharl takes the east, Lans takes the west, and everybody else just kind of advances toward the middle.

So I guess there's some big event going on in Malano, involving the Baron Apros. Townsperson #487 gives us the scoop.

Oh, a wedding! I love weddings. It's the perfect opportunity to dress up, and eat cake, and meet potential dates!

A weddin' AND a showdown! Hoo-whee, we ain't gon' miss this even if it means havin' ta tee-vo that 'Merican Idol! Aww man, it gets better too! Check this 'ere out:

This is jus' like that Julia Roberts, it is, with 'er ridin' that horse, and Springer's snipin' at 'er from that grassy knoll.

Getting slightly back on track, allow me to introduce team Z.E.L.I.G. (Zelig's Emo-Like Infantry Goths).

Zelig takes off 4 HP with this attack. Maybe his life doesn't suck so much as he wants us to think.

Zelig sleeps in after a long night of faux-angst.

And what is war without people interrupting us for favors?

Will Laharl and his men take revenge for this dottering fool?

Yes, we'd be happy to help!..............................turn to page 85
No, we'll miss the wedding!...............................turn to page 24